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Back from a break

Well we took 2 months off. We got in the studio. We had babies. We slept. Not necessarily in that order. But not necessarily not in that order.

We actually quietly did two out of town shows last week, ostensibly to knock the rust off. Brownwood & Weatherford, TX have now seen us and have been forever changed (for the better?). We're actually going back out to Weatherford in August, because a 100 deg. night in June just wasn't hot enough.

Anyway, we've got a pretty solid summer booked around thine metroplex, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to see us multiple times.

- your friendly neighborhood circle.

What year is it?

It must not be 2005 anymore, because I'm finally getting the circle stuff onto something a little more technologically up-to-date than MySpace. Reverbnation has embraced technology, and they've embraced me, so them, I give a big wet sloppy kiss.

That's all for now, see you Thursday at Andy's in Denton.