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Philanthropy Through Music

We Live In Public is not just a band. It's a movement. The mission of the movement is "Philanthropy Through Music". Yes, we like to play rock and roll. Yes, we like to cut loose and have a good time. Yes, we'd like to be famous. But not so we can live in a giant mansion and drive a Bentley and fly first class. We look around and we see great injustice, inequity, corruption and suffering all over the world. We believe that if we have a purpose in this life, it is to improve the state of the interconnected web of all living things on this planet. Equality, transparency, sustainability, social and economic fairness - we hold ourselves accountable to strive for these ideals in our music and in our daily life. Progress and change are slow, but we demand that our music and our lives be a force for good in this world. Will you join us? Will you help us spread the word? Will you reject the status quo and strive for something better? We'd love to have you along, for we are on a mission, and we're going to need all the help we can get. Peace, love, equality, and We Live In Public!

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