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Martin Del Carpio / Blog

Q&A time with DJ Chauncey!

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The World Again

"The soul divines that which it seeks, and traces obscurely the footsteps of its obscure desire." - Plato

The World Again was suppose to be included on my ep Tropic Of Capricorn released some years ago under my erstwhile artist name M. For one reason or another, I was just not that really happy with the song and chose to put it aside. Upon re-discovering it recently and entertaining the idea to release it officially as a single, I decided to have another go at it. I wrote this song for a friend of mine who went through a rough patch in his life and who was genuinely challenged by this condition called life.


Credits: Song originally written by Martin Del Carpio and Little Pioneer Music produced and mastered by Jamie Muffett Co-produced by Martin Del Carpio Electric, acoustic guitar and bass by Juan Ignacio Garcia Bernales Lyrics and vocals by Martin Del Carpio Cover photo taken by Numbphoto Makeup by Juan Aquino


A complicated dance unspoken words your soul vibrates you should let them know your heart's failure your heart's desire yea everything you've got inside of you

rest your head now you got a mind beating to the rhythm of the waves where all illusions...

the world, the world again the world, the world you see another place another time gone by for today you will find

the world, the world again the world, the world has come another place another time gone by for today you will find

A complicated dance unspoken words your soul vibrates you should let them know your heart's triumph your heart's desire yes the beauty of what is created so easily

the world, the world again the world, the world you see another place another time gone by for today you will find

the world, the world again the world, the world has come another place another time gone by for today you will find...



This past year I've been releasing singles and now I think it's time to officially release the album as a whole. I call this one simply "X".

It's taken me almost 2 years to complete it and that's the longest time for me since in the past, the most it's taken me to finish an album was like 8 months.

There are plenty of reasons why it takes so long to release a record. It starts with creative decisions and ends with financial reasons. But I gotta say that having all that time gave me the chance to make this the best record that I can make.

I truly want to thank the music producer of the album Jamie Muffett for having all the patience in the world with me on creating this project. He's been awesome and I much appreciate his talent as a musician and as a record producer but mostly as a human being.

I've always said in the past that the only record that I've recorded that I can go back to and listen from beginning to end without any issues was my Spanish language record called Pequeno Pionero. Well, now it's X. This album comes from my heart and soul and it's who I've been, who I am and who I'll be.

It's official release date will be 12/26/12 which is my B-day and it's my biggest accomplishment yet and I'm proud as hell of it!

And as my gift to you, you may download it for free at my bandcamp page: http://martindelcarpio.bandcamp.com/album/x

Perhaps in time, I'll be printing actual CDs of this album but that is TBD.

Enjoy and thank u for reading this. M.

Contact info

For those who are interested, you may contact me directly at Martindelcarpiox@gmail.com



I just wanted to add a note on a track I recorded a couple of years ago called Alien. I wanted to first clarify that the song is not about me directly although it could’ve been. It could’ve been even about you. I wrote it for a close friend who got deported some years ago. I think Alien is simply an observation about an unfortunate experience that was actually lived. I remember seeing my cell phone ring and thought how strange it was for my friend to call me in the morning when we usually talk at night. I thought perhaps he needed some information on something he couldn’t wait for. I picked up my phone and it was his boyfriend who stated that he got arrested by immigration. I was speechless. A couple of weeks later, I get a call from my friend while he is in jail waiting for his deportation to be processed. He tells me everything that happened the day he got arrested and for some reason I listened attentively to every detail. While all this was happening, I was in the middle of recording my CD In Absentia and it was the time when I was ready to record a CD that would truly be a big F U to the rules that we are told that we need to adhere to in music and sometimes even in life. Back then, I was ready to push the sounds and ideas and really let my instincts go no matter how pretentious, crazy and silly the outcome may be. I felt writing a track about my friend would fit perfectly for In Absentia. But first, I needed to get permission from my friend since it was something his personal experience. He granted me permission and right away I went into the studio with Little Pioneer and worked on the track. The aftermath is that the song became the most mentioned from people who listened to In Absentia. My friend told me that at first he felt really uncomfortable listening to it and I certainly could understand that. Alien was the first song I ever performed in front of a crowd and I am proud of that. It was for open mic at Nuclear Poetry. I honestly never wanted to perform my songs on stage and it was by chance that one day I contacted my now friend Aaron and asked if I could participate in Nuclear Poetry’s next event. I was originally thinking of just reading the lyrics from my songs. But since I already had the back up tracks prepared, I decided to try out Alien and actually perform it in some way. What I realized half way through the song was that it was emotionally draining and I think at the end I actually got a little emotional. In his honor, I dedicated the whole album to him. I honestly lost a good friend all because of a mishap that can happen to anybody. I consider all immigrants true survivors and I wish I could have half of their guts to do what they do. M.