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Official Music Video "Tanked"

First official debut of "Tanked" music video will be played at the " De Pere Cinema " with the short horror film "Gags" on October 3rd. Also this song will be featured in the film. For more information on the Clown that made world wide news check out "Gags" facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/gagstheclown/?fref=ts Official music video will be released to the public on all social media sites on October 4th.



GET THEM NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

time is slipping away! get ur tickets now for our how in ringle with like a storm! one week from tomorrow!!

New Single!

We have finished our first single MY LEVEL! with our new singer joe angus! take a listen and leave a comment!!

Album News

Sorry to all who want to hear us right now we are about to release our first full length album and have taken down all of our older tunes! Pleasse keep checking in for updates and when the release date is!!! thank you all!!

Label interests

we've had lava,turkey vulture,virgin,warner bros,sire,and capital records all contact us all being interested in making a deal so exciting just gotta see which ones the best fit:)

new tune!

new tune leftovers!! check it out tell us what you think!!

Album news and show notes

next weekend heading back to studio to finish up some vocals lay some back ground stuff and mix some of the songs,to date our next shows will be in december as our guitartist is expecting his first child through november!! so keep up to date on us and we will see you in december!!

new song

new song coming hot off the press another single off of our upcoming album "today the present is now" song name "down the ranks" keep checking for it!!


He nis ras drummer alex just got in the studio this past weekend and belted out 10 tunes 4 more to go!! today the present is now is still a ways from being finished but none the less its going to be amazing!!