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Daylight Savings Ends This Weekend

It’s that time of year again where you get up when it’s dark, get home from work when it’s dark and work during the light of day while the leaves turn orange, brown and yellow, better known as autumn. Fall. The Fourth Quarter. Hot Stove Baseball. Football’s Mid-Season. Well, you get the idea. As we rip the page for the tenth month off the wall, what’s in store for us? We’ll continue to play often and start our shows earlier (and end at the same time as before) to give you a little more show to cut down on the time after dinner and pre-show. It won’t always be possible because at almost all of the bars we play, the owners have the final say on when we start and stop. We’ll try to push the envelope and play close to 40 songs every night! For this weekend, we’ll be playing 40 of the biggest hits we play. Now, I’ve been a student of music (all kinds) since I could speak and I was always fascinated with Billboard’s charts and the history of popular music going back to when they started charting the hits. The Beatles still hold the record for most #1s with 20, with Mariah Carey at 18 and Elvis at 17. Michael Jackson (13) and Madonna (12) round out the top 5. Clearly, it’s not an easy thing to achieve, especially, for rock artists (The Beatles were considered a “Pop” band in the 60s). Our list for Saturday’s show at Tailgaters in Bolingbrook has us playing eight #1 hits…none by The Beatles or any of the others mentioned above, and indicative of the era that we try to emulate as best we can. Only one of the artists has had multiple #1s (Bon Jovi) and the others reached #1 only the one time. Journey never had a #1 (Open Arms charted the highest at #2) but had several Top 10 hits. The year that is most represented on our Top 40 list is 1986 with 7 songs (nearly 20%), with 6 songs from 1987. Those two years make up a third of our show! The list of songs that didn’t make the cut would be a great show itself. But, this week we’ll focus on the best of the best and give our best, as always. We know that you certainly will.

Social Media

Facebook. Google+. Twitter. Tumblr. Reverb Nation. Foursquare. Myspace. There are lots of places to share or promote or inform on this place called the internet (used to be called by it's full name, the world wide web). Well, Myspace is a graveyard anymore, but you get the idea.

For us, we're just trying to reach as many people as we can, to share what we love to do...which is play for you! We performed at a great fundraiser on Saturday at Marmion Academy that raised funds for scholarships for those less fortunate and we were happy to help in some small way.

But, it occurred to me while talking with the band during our set up, just how many people we've reached with social media in a short time, compared to how long it would have taken even 6 years ago. And, how vital it can be to the success or failure of a business. Pre-2005, we had just an emailing list, a website and word of mouth (which is still the best form of recommendation).

But, now we have all these tools and don't know which to use or even if we're using them as effectively as we can, so...we use them all. Some people aren't on Facebook or Myspace, but like to tweet. Some people don't understand Twitter and would rather just post on their wall that they just finished breakfast at Denny's and are now going to the gym, while someone who's stalking their page gets ready to break in to the house because they know NOBODY'S HOME! Well, maybe not.

We hope you understand that the last thing we're trying to do is annoy you. Why the hell would we want to do that? You're our lifeline and our muse! We want to nurture and cultivate a great relationship with each of you, to allow you to forget about life for awhile (paraphrase inspired by Billy Joel).

Let us know your thoughts. Does anyone chat on Facebook? Did you know that Google+ has "hangouts" which is, really, a video chat room? We thought Reverb Nation would encompass everything we need, but how can we leave Facebook when there are 10,000 fans/friends still there? We can't and we won't. Unless it becomes Myspace 2012, where you can only hear crickets. Just like at the cemetery.


Wait...Summer's not over, yet!

We still have two more weeks of summer, despite the cool temps, lately. We, also, have a few outdoor shows remaining, including a very cool benefit at Rocky Vander's in Prospect Heights. It's Rocky Vander's & Wounded Heroes Foundation Salute The Troops Annual Car & Bike Show on Sat, Sept 10 and Sun, Sept 11! Memorializing the 10th Anniversary of the events of 9/11/01.

Hi Infidelity will be there performing from 8:30-11:30 and there will be more entertainment and so much more, especially, well, the Car and Bike Show!

Come and check us out or go to our Facebook page and click on the event!

End of Summer...

The kiddies have gone back to school as the summer season is starting it's descent into fall...but, we're not quite ready, yet! True, we'll be at bars this weekend, preparing for Labor Day weekend where we'll have three more outdoor shows, capping it off, as always, with our show at Yorkville Hometown Days on Sun, Sept 4.

This weekend, as we celebrate Bobby's birthday (Aug 30) we'll be at Bourbon St on Friday, 8/26; The Lodge on Sat, 8/27 and Justice Summerfest (outside) on Sun, 8/28 from 5:00-7:00!

Coming up this fall, we'll be working up some new material as we continue to try and mix it up as best we can, while still providing you with a nostalgic look back to the 80s with all your favorites! We'd be more than happy to hear your requests for whatever you want to hear and we'll take it into account when we put together our set for the fall/winter/spring!

Have a great week!

New Schedule and more

Hello Hi Fi Nation! Have we told you how appreciative of you we are for downloading our App?

Our weekend was spectacular, despite the rain last night in Wood Dale. Each week, our show gets tighter and tighter as we keep adding new songs, and work up ways to keep you entertained the entire time! It's still only been 10 months since our first show last October and we're very happy with what we've been able to accomplish in a short time.

Our new schedule is up on ReverbNation and should show up on your App. There are a couple of shows we're still waiting on confirmation, including our NYE show! We're holding out for an affordable package for you, that should make everyone happy!

Enjoy your week and, hopefully, we'll see you on Blarney Island on Friday, 8/19 or at Elburn Days on Sat, 8/20!

Rock on! HI


ReverbNation is the latest (and, maybe greatest) social networking tool specifically created for bands and music fans. Facebook is great, but our profile at www.reverbnation.com/hiinfidelity will give you everything you need on one page, including streaming our songs, join the mailing list, make comments, suggestions, etc! Take us to #1 on the charts and go there now! Thanks for your support and hope you're loving the App like a lot of people seem to be.

Our New App

Enjoying the summer so far? We are! More shows this summer than any before and that's no small achievement!

But, this weekend ... we're off, by design. Every summer we take the third or fourth weekend off in July. Coming up in August, we have three shows every weekend but one, and that's not as many as some bands, but we don't have recorded backing tracks to help us out. It's all live, baby! And, of course, we all have Mon-Fri, 9-5 jobs, too! So, 11 shows in four weekends is a lot! It's a good thing that we love what we do and that our fans make it better than it should be and an experience that we're lucky to be able to enjoy 50 weekends a year. So, thanks to all of our faithful!

And, as you already know if you're reading this...OUR NEW APP IS HERE!! Stream our songs from Hi Fi Live, keep up with our schedule easily, pictures, this blog! AWESOME!!

Talk later!

Latest and greatest!

This weekend, three shows! Fri, 8/5 at Coon Creek Country Days, Hampshire; Sat, 8/6 at Ballydoyle Aurora; Sun, 8/7 at Ottawa RiverFest! We're going to give an encore performance of our countdown show from last Saturday and play the Top 35, highest charting songs on our playlist counting down to all the #1s, giving you the backstory and putting it all in historical perspective! It went over great last weekend and we look forward to doing it again for you this Saturday at Ballydoyle! It's our first time there and we hope you'll stop in!