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Todays Political State of being

My songs are a direct reflection of the state of America's socio-political position at any given time. Songs such as "Fuel" were written 30 years ago about the Iran Contra connection but it still is just as pertinate today. "Go-P" reflects my disgust with the constant manipilation of the truth by a political party gone crazy. "Soft and Slow" is an attempt to bring me back to earth with a Torch Song, in essence I believe Love is a constant that can drive away the negative if practiced. "Obama Got Osama" tells it like it is, give the man credit for his decisive action against terror.......Ben

Up coming dates

Night Messenger is playing on the 16th of July @ Laughs Unlimited. This band plays a combination of "Original" tunes and some Classic Rock. Great venue on the boardwalk of Old Sacramento. Then on July 29th my acoustic band "Pseudi Ineffectuals" will be performing @ The Vintners Cellar" in Rancho Cordova. Great wine & good snacks served there. All the music is "Original", written by myself..............Ben Fuentes

Up Coming Dates

Just added two new dates to the calendar. All are free admission. The Karma Cafe is a great coffe & Tea house in Historic Folsom. Over 60 kinds of exotic teas are served. Laughs unlimited gig is right on the waterfront in Old Sacramento. Affordable snacks are served while we play.

Open Mike

Doing an open mike session @ Laughs Unlimited in Old Sacto tonight @ 7:00PM. Come see me..........Ben

Two New songs up

I have just put two new songs up on ReverbNation. Imperial Politics & Soft & Slow. Check them out please....Ben

New song

Another political work is up for your ears. It is my reaction to the midterm elections we just had. Ben

New Video's

OK! The long awaited Video's are now up! You can see & hear me performing five songs with a repeat of "The Secret" making a total of six new video's. Write me with your comments..........Ben


Rehersal this Saturday night, 306 Scott st, Folsom Ca. Adding three new tunes, one is an original by Brad Haskell titled "Hold Me Tight".


If you are unable to come to see our show @ Laughs Unlimited you can still see us on the web. A site named Ustream is handeling a live broadcast of the show. To access it google nightmessenger.com and then choose "Other" from the "Links" box that appears on that page. You will be able to watch the entire show from there. It will also be archived for future watching any time you want, Pretty cool! have fun............Ben

New Song & New Rehearsal date

Just put up the first version of Devil's Gate. Still needs lead guitar part, but the basic song is there. Also rehearsal this coming Friday night Sept. 3rd for those interested. Starts @ 6:30 PM in Folsom. For details contact me @ Thegaragebandnetwork@comcast.net. Ben