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Are haterz absolutely necessary lol?!?! I mean, do they actually provide insight and a higher opportunity to perfect your craft, in whatever that you do, or are they an annoyance and just dislike to see anyone do better than them?!?!?! Please let me know your thoughts and weather or not we should actually show love 2 our haterz, cuz most times lol really they dont know what the fuk they talking bout, even tho that is ur job. lol

All About The Music

I've been thinking about what the most crucial elements are when it comes to creating music. Originality, Creativity, Stage Presence, Lyricism, Production, Quality, and much much more. In your opinion tell me what is the most important aspect of this particular art and craft. Plus let me know what you think bout the game today. Are today's artists representing or are they slacking. Get at me wit your thoughts and opinions, Corporate wants to know what yall think.