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StillFear's new album "Perspective" is finally here!!

Okay guys and gals, the time is here! Our new album "Perspective" is recorded, mastered and ready for disc manufacturing! Three new songs off the album are up and ready for your ears to give em a listen. Tell us what ya think! Stay tuned for album sales on all your major CD stores. Enjoy!


Hey Stillio-fans! StillFear is proud to announce that we FINALLY completed all recording of our 2nd studio album!!! The album will be titled "Perspectives'. Final Mixing and Mastering will take place in the next couple of weeks and new MP3's will be posted on ReverbNation ASAP We started this album almost 4 years ago (believe it or not!)... and it's about time we got it finished! StillFear had a lot on their plate and came through it with flying colors. We couldn't be more pleased with the results of what has taken a VERY long time to complete. Though the albums cuts will be completed in the next couple of weeks the art work may take a while longer to get finished. But the concept is fantastic, and must be as perfect as we can get it! THANK YOU SO MUCH for ALL of your patience through what has been a VERY long process. We hope that you will be as satisfied as we 3 are with the final results. More to come... stay tuned, and SPREAD THE WORD!!!

StillFear's 2nd album to be released soon!

We have been in the studio trying to get rolling on our 2nd album and it's almost complete. We have a hopeful release of around October - November! Stay tuned!

We're BAAAACK!!!!

HEY-YO, Stillio-Fans!!!

Here it is, mid march, and StillFear had FINALLY booked their 2013 debut show! We will be playing with our good friends Will, Amanda, Mike and Brandon in Exfixia. Accompanying the bill is a killer metal band out of Salem, called 'Wicked Haven'. PLEASE come join the festivities on Friday, May 3rd @ 3rd St Pub, here in Bend, OR! The more the merrier... but only the truly sissy-merriest will NOT have a few drinks!!! ...so, come prove me wrong... or, if that is even grammatically correct... or, somethin'... lol

WE'RE BACK!!! Spread the word...


Hey Stillio-Fans,

We got 3 new songs up for your listening pleasure. Take a listen, give us some love... or not - lol. Whatever floats your boat, we're glad to take it. We're just happy to finally be getting some new material from our upcoming self-released album. it's pretty raw.... dig it. THANKS!!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!!

NEW ENTRY - Long overdue - lol (7-24-2012)


I am pleased to announce that StillFear has progressed nicely along with the recording of the 2nd album since our last (real) update. Dry drum and bass tracks were finished up by the 1st week of May, and guitar tracks are still being recorded now. Originally with the guitar tracks we tried recording a live cab sound, but we couldn't get the right sound... but we DID record a track or 2 for each song within a couple of weeks - that is, until we decided to start from scratch. A new technique was discovered, and to bring you the best, $0.00 budget recording possible, we are running all the guitar tracks again. As of now we have about 4 songs left for guitars, and will begin vox recordings within the next couple of weeks. We're hoping to have 3 song sampler from the new album ready by the 1st of August... stay tuned for that!!! The final album will be released by the end of the year (tentative, of course, budget willing).

In the meantime, StillFear have been playin' shows and writing even newer material (some which have been heard live already by the most dedicated fans - lol). We have 4 shows in August, 2 of which will be over in the valley again: @ La Pinata in Drain, OR & Goodfella's in Springfield. You can get more info by checking out our shows link here on RN.

Lastly, Stillfear would like to pimp 2 other dynamite projects that are linked to the band. *** Brett has put a new project together with the ex-lead singer of The Vaulted, Erica - it is entitled 'Halo Haven'. Their new blend of 'progressive metal-meets-the-radio' sound can be heard here on RN: - www.reverbnation.com/halohaven ...they are currently competing with hundreds of other bands for a nationwide Battle of the Bands (WA show), hosted by Ernie Ball and others. Check out the link on their RN page, and VOTE TODAY!!! *** Ramz has been busy as well, recording with his new band, Demigod - with fellow musicians Kurt (Kleverkill), Jason (Tenatreign) and Dominic (Aberration, Falling From Grace), all from Bend, OR. Demigod has been invited to play a couple of BIG shows in late September: One for the Northwest Best concert series (Jen Meyer Media) and the other in Portland opening for a national act across the street from the Roseland Theater (names of the band and venue are currently unknown to me - lol... I'll find out later what they are). Check out Demigod here on RN: - www.reverbnation.com/demigod245 ...please mind that our new demo is NOT quite done yet, and there is no music currently on our RN page. But I PROMISE - it is coming REAL SOON!!

I think that's about it... I hope you enjoyed this thoroughly long and exhausting blog, updating the previously mysterious 3 months - lol. Take care Stillio-Fans, and SPREAD THE WORD!!!!


Ok, Stillio-Fans..... here ya go:

StillFear is currently working on resolving a month-long issue with recording gear for getting the drums started... and is ALMOST ready to begin (again). If all goes well, we should be able to start tracking drums Wednesday, April 18th for our upcoming 2nd album release later this year (tentative winter 2012 date). A HUGE THANKS to Mike Self (Sadistic Mutiny / Exfixia) for loaning us the equipment to begin our next endeavor. WE OWE YOU MIKE!!! THANK YOU!!! :)

Stay tuned for more info (pics, vids, etc) on the recording process... SPREAD THE WORD!!!

New recording sessions POSTPONED

Until further notice, the recording session for the new StillFear album has been postponed.

Stay tuned for more info to come...

New album updates... 3-1-2012

Last week we were excited to begin the recording of our brand new album... that is, until things went south. We encountered an issue with the interface of our perspective inputs into Pro Tools... blah, blah, blah: We had to wait for another option before we could begin. So, we found one. Jason Costa (Tenatreign; Death of a Hitman) has been so kind as to find us a 24 channel recording board to which we can use for the drum recordings. The BAD news.... we only get it for 6 days!! That's gonna be a lotta hard work for me... but I'll get it done!!! If not, we'll have a backup option by then - I hope - lol.

So, the 3 of us went into the rehearsal/recording studio yesterday and were to work on w few of the new songs - to work out any kinks. Instead, we ended up writing 2 NEW TUNES!!! lol - already sniffin' the 3rd album, it seems - lol. It marked the 1st time (honestly) that we all collaborated on a tune together. We're very excited - but we gotta get the 2nd album done 1st!!!

I know it ain't a lot of info, but it'll hafta do for now. Hopefully this weekend we'll have some more info and accompanying pics/vids to share as well.

Stay tuned!!! Ramz - StillFear

StillFear back in the studio on Wednesday!!!

It's true Stillio-Fans... We're going back in!!

On Wednesday we begin recording drums for the material soon to be released on our 2nd album endeavor. I can't wait - the pressure of performing under the infamous 'red light' is always a challenge - and fun as all hell - lol. As it stand now, there are 10 strong cuts for this album. As most of you know, we've been playing a few of them live already at our shows. So some of favorite live songs will be captured forever on our 2nd release: 'Heavy On My Heart', Wounds Not Healing', '50/Nothing', 'Falling Skies'... and plenty more where that came from.

As it stands now, StillFear is awaiting news from our label, Deka Records, regarding contract info from our 1st release, 'StillFear'. If all goes well (and it looks like it will be...) StillFear and Deka Records will be negotiating a contract which will allow us to release this new album to all Stillio-Fans later this year!!!

This is going to be an exciting year: Great success of our 1st release on Amazon and iTunes, 2nd album recorded/released, a potential tour and new contract under Deka Records... hang on for the ride!!! STAY TUNED FOR UPDATES FROM THE RECORDING OF OUR 2ND ALBUM, posted here on ReverbNation.com/stillfear, and on FaceBook.com.