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What is never given?

Success, is never given & must be earned. Attitude & commitment is a must for success while the flake floats along the self serving river of dilution...

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We've worked very hard to get here. With our full time day jobs and music by night, we work 2 full time jobs. Musicians work hard!

So many of you have helped and supported us and because of your belief in our vision we are getting airplay on the radio. Our song has even been chosen to be on the Millennium Music Conference compilation cd to be handed out this February and we are on a fantastic Record Label, Flexitone Records.

The music industry is not for the faint of heart. Trust us...it's dirty out there and you are in the trenches working for it, but with each goal that we attain and each new friend that we make along the way we are reminded about why we do this, and why we are going to keep pushing forward with new music, new records, new goals and take it as far as this road goes! All of you who cheer us on is what fuels us!

You can nominate BlackRue and our song "Last Chance" and also our Ep "The Likelihood of Confusion" for this year's Homey Awards, sponsored by WSTW. You can help us by sending your email today to Homey@wstw.com to get BlackRue recognized for our achievements in local music in 2013!!

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Millenium Music Conference

Our song "Last Chance" has been nominated and chosen to be on the Millennium Music Conference 2014 compilation Cd !

Sun Records

Sometimes you have to revisit the beginning just to understand where you came from. So many of us jump in right in the middle and forge ahead not knowing the hows and whys of where it all started.

So In the beginning of August while at a family reunion in Grapevine Arkansas we decided to take a detour by way of Memphis and explore the beginning of rock n roll!

Sun Studios is such a modest building but then it's never been about what you have it's about what you do and your passion for it and Sun Records proves it. Originally called Memphis Recording Service with Sun Records being the label, it was a true pivotal moment in music history when Sam Phillips started capturing Blues performers on Beale St like Howling Wolf and the blending of it with guys like Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis. These guys were just like most of us today, working class and broke! Even the studio itself was treading water providing traveling recording service for weddings, funerals and all kinds of public events, "We will record anything anywhere" was part of their advertising. None of this has ever been easy and you have to earn your way but if it was easy the songs we write today would be boring wouldn't they?

Standing outside the studio you can feel the humidity in the air and smell the Mississippi as it saturates the delta and that certainly hasn't changed at all in the past 60 years so I could easily imagine myself standing there back then guitar in hand. Sun Studios is the same today as it was back then wrapped in 12 inch ceiling tile!

In the late 1960's the business had outgrown the space they had and Sam closed the doors and opened a new studio called Phillips Recording a few roads over. That studio is still open today and run by his sons.

At the original location the doors were basically closed and locked with all the equipment inside. It sat untouched until it was purchased and reopened in 1987 as Sun Studios and everybody from U2 to Bonnie Raitt has recorded there since.

Not only can you tour the studio but it's open for business! $150.00 per hour two hour minimum. It's a worthy goal for us and one day we're going to make it happen!

Just before Sam Phillips passed away in 2003 he donated to the original studio the actual Shure sm 55 microphone that everyone from Howling Wolf to Elvis sang and recorded through. You would think this piece would be in the Smithsonian but Sam stated that music is for the people and he wanted people who took the time to visit to have access to it.

So at this point I will end this by letting you imagine how ridiculous I look in the pictures singing into this Mic!

b. reed

This moment in time

At this moment in time, we are all in a unique position to make decisions that affect our tomorrows. Good or bad what we all do right now is totally ours to choose and very special to us. So take advantage of it because it may never happen again!

Playing the Changes

We were asked by the promoters of Croc Rock in Allentown and of Bret Michaels from Poison and the VH1 Rock Of Love to be the opening act for him on November 18, 2011!

Contact us for Tickets! See you there!

The road to success

There are no shortcuts on the road to success. There are no shortcuts in learning your instrument. To be a good band with good songs requires hard work, drive, motivation, time and patience. You must be true to yourself first, then Go For It!