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First Blog of All Time

Hey fans and family -

Finally off my ass long enough to keep y'all frequenters up to date here on the reverbnation. Couple of cool upcoming things going on... first and foremost, February is RPM Challenge month, which means another 28 days of the grueling grind of trying to pump out ten album-worthy songs and trying to get Sam the TASCAM to accept my mediocrity with machines. Second, two cool shows coming up soon (well, okay, in March) - Friday, the eleventh of March I'll be at Emack and Bolio's in Albany, NY, and Saturday, March 19th I'll be at the Moon and River Cafe on Ferry Street in Schenectady, NY. Swing on by; both shows are free and both will be intimate and great (promise and swear).

Good times, look for new tunes soon.