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Demos/ New Project

Spent a lot of the weekend demo'ing new material for the new CD, Dirty Water Revival. Very excited about the ideas and riffs. Talking with a few people about touring and debuting those songs.

New Cd, "Love, Lust and Dancin'"

Looking forward to sharing the new music with everyone. These are a collection of songs that were written over that last few years that do not fit into the Ridge Runner format and started out as just acoustic songs. After I teamed up with Brian DeBruler up at the studio (Bright Audio) we ended up adding bass, drums and more vocals to bring you a 7 song CD of songs that say alot about how I have felt over the years. I hope you enjoy.

Becca4469  (over 7 years ago)

Looking forward to hearing it Jeff.. What you have posted so far I think are awesome!!!