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Have you ever wonder why the reflection in the mirror shows something different? When you look at the other reflection you see "I'm gonna have a good day today" or "I'm so focused on what I have to do I'm gonna get it accomplished", but, the other side of your reflection is seeing doubt, discouragement, low self-esteem, bitterness and anger and much more. Have we ever thought that the reflection we see is truely the one reflection that is hindering itself and leading to a place of spiritual poverty? Now ask yourself, WHAT'S IN THE MIRROR?

Why do we make things complicated?

In life we have our ups and downs, our dissapoinments and let downs, but who is to blame? We deal with major issues and still we try to figure out who's to blame? So why is it complicated? if you ask yourself to slow down a little bit and think things through, the answer lies right in front of you inside of that mirror you look at everyday!! come on say it with me ( ISSUE ) now break it down slowly (IS-U(e) it's U!!! the complication comes from self, and everyday we blame others for our setbacks...THINK ABOUT IT? Kasper the Biblical Son Romans 10:18 Music www.thebiblicalson.com