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4-2-10 Show at The Hole Review by LMAO

Vitosus opened up the show and definitely did not disappoint. This band’s influences range from soft rock to metal, creating a sound that can be enjoyed by everyone. I thought that Vitosus put on a great show; even I can’t find anything to complain about. This is the one band of the night that was equalized almost perfectly. I could clearly hear all components of the songs, and there was no feedback throughout the set. The band didn’t show a huge amount of stage presence, but as I mentioned before, the stage really doesn’t give the bands enough room to really move around. I picked up one of the Vitosus demos, and I was surprised by how much they sound the same live and recorded. Lead vocalist, Drew, has that great, raspy, hard rock voice that is showcased in many rock bands. I thought both guitarists were very skilled, and they hit some great solos. Nate, bassist for Vitosus, played on the ground instead of the stage, and put on a great show. He was very energetic, and got the crowd into several of the songs. I think I was most impressed by drummer, Kevin. He is not your your typical drummer for this style. Kevin infuses quite a bit of metal drumming into the songs, which gives Vitosus a very heavy sound, with catchy choruses and hooks. Overall it was a very solid performance, and I really enjoyed it.