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WTF? Life for Bras, LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AYO! This a sick @** brotha here!! Mississippi letting you know, They not having it!!!!! You gotta admit though it is kinda funny, in a sad, pathetic way.

A Shame

Ok, I know I may be behing the curve but what is this about a beef between Lil Kim and Nikki Manaj? This has got to be the funniest most pethetic beefs of all time, LMAO. Are they really serious? I guess if I had to give a rhyme crown to either it would probably be Kim. She at least attempts to make sense at times. Neither is a real woman so I guess....LET THE PLASTIC FLY!!!!!!!!!LMAO

YOU TELL ME!!!!!!!

I guess everyone has heard. D.Wade's ex-wife is suing Gabrielle Union! WTF!!! The claim is since Gabby was dealing with D.Wade and he was separated. The ex says Gabby ruined their marriage. Sounds like some B.S. to me! Where they do that at?!

No clue!!!

Why is it that muthafuckas don't take the time to think about their actions? Am I the only one left who believes actions should move as quick as you want them to but in logical ways. If you want to be the next big thing in the music industry, before you can let people know about your music you must have music. You have to $PEND with your beatmakers/producers!!! So do not feel cheated when you are presented with the oportunity to work with someone but you neglect to follow through on your end and the next time you see them they are miles ahead. There is no turning around on the highway,lol!! So please, think before you make a f'ed up decision!! not everyone is working toward the same goal. Remeber that!!!


Everyday is a struggle, it makes things harder when i have to deal with you. I feel smarter when I'm at peace because I have the time to collect and also reflect, never again will I be a sucker and allow you to disrupt my thinking. Yes, it's true, we all fall victim but continuing to fall does not show victim; it screams perpetrator. Why would we as persons within our own, welcome the destruction? The ones that feel that way are masking. We were made the way we are to shine in our own right. Sometimes I see things and I would like to comment but comments are worthless to deaf ears. Don't just say whatever anymore.Live for you and counter falling victim with wisdom to perpetrators, cause when you feed in, more and more the negativity is escalated. I guess the big question is why would you welcome haters? better yet, WHY HATE??!!!


Red light,green light was a game from back in the day. I don't do the games! You either be about yours or you don't these days. DON'T TREAD ON ME!! You may find things are not to you like'n. Be 100, like ya boi and LETS GET TO IT!!!!

got to check it out!!

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Thank you!

Everytime I look to the heavens, I see your face. Everytime I walk the street, I think I see you walking the sidewalk across from me. Songs that I luv seem to have reference to you. The fabric I was given holds your scent. Wherever, whenever, You seem to be there. Always with me. Thank you for the support.


I just saw on a particular site that three well known artists mothers are coiming with a talk show together. Everyone is going to get the money. I may check it out for curiousity but don't think it will last.

You will not believe!!!!

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