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May- July

I have ton's of work to do. Stay Tuned. If I haven't got back to you give me some time. It's been CRAZY. One!

April is the start of the 2nd Quarter

Let's Go!!! New Music This Month!!!


For the 2nd Quarter..

The Internet


I don't blog much as you may or may not know, but every once in a while I like to come through and tell you what going on with me directly.

Ok with that, I have been only on R.N (Reverb Nation) about 2 weeks. I have been hearing about the site from other people well over a year now. I have been on the internet for a "minute" too. I remember at Kearny niggas would set up shop at Mr. Corlett's class and SUPER GIG lol (nobody paid attention lol) and that tech class had aol, and this was fall of 95.

Saying that to say the internet is a very cluttered space now, and technology has taken it's spot right up there with people's everyday lives: Religion, Politics, Education, etc. I'm not no preacher or nothin like that but look how things are so much faster with computers, and how everything can seem so real and surreal at the same time lol.

So when I got a email from an "Artist" saying oh this is blah blah, and this and that about delayed stats, and charts and shit, it was like something that I seen in a dream or vision or somethin. I am a Underground Artist, known as one, and VERY proud of it. I do music because I love it. It is a decent source of my income as business man, but at the end of the day I understand that your fan base always wants you on that next level. They wanna see progess, and the only way is up.

I always get attacked whether someone 1. Steals my Music 2. Copies my flo pattern line for line or 3. Blogs about my short-comings (I'm gonna keep it A-1, I shouldn't be where I'm at but that's a different story) or 4. Emails me about how easy it is to do this at that homeboy whoo whoo.... ok I got you lol.

Much Love to my real ones online. This internet is a funny place, and I tread careful around it. So as I go back to the stu to create I'm doin it because I want to give it mt all, and I love the music, bottom line.If you like what I create then listen and support. San Diego should know I support the whole city . So this is not directed at anyone locally. I very much support the movement, and wanna see good things for everyone. I'm always on that twitter because that's what the females and the celeb homies are doing, so I'm on that.

Much more to come.....Just had to let yall know how I felt about that. Google: Mike Willz. One.

The First 3 months of 2010

What's wit it? Well Nothin Major on my end, just getting everything set up so shit runs smooth. Doing things on your own is very similar to shooting someone. Yeah you got nervous the first time, and maybe did some sloppy shit, but the more you do it, the more routine it comes to you. I have had NO Business help whatsoever. So are Todd and I angry? Not at all we love challenges! I just wanted to let yall know what it really is. Don't listen to rumors. Get real life from ya boy. Til Next Time........ONE!

They say I gotta blog......

Google: Mike Willz for the real B.I.