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Gracie / Blog

Day – 4 Monday 12th April

Prop hunting!!!!!! Yippeeeee!!!! We decide today is the day we must produce “White Flag” (my first music promo). This requires finding locations, getting props and planning the schedule for the shoot. We have a very limited budget and I have no experience in this area, so we must be smart. One of the items on the list is a Gramophone, something I truly feel I need. Dan and I have a long discussion about it, he tries to talk me out of spending 120 bucks on it, but I talk him into going to a prop house in West Hollywood to at least check it out. My heart is set on this; I must have this crazy prop! The prop house is amazing...more than amazing!!!! Dan and I meet a really nice guy called Sage who happily shows us around the building. It has every kind of prop you could imagine, catering for major studio films, it was huge. I was running around like a kid in a sweet shop. Sage is the dude!! He has so many contacts for us!! Brilliant! Eventually I find a great Gramophone and Sage gives us a discount, so in the end we paid 80 bucks for it. Dan admitted this was a good deal seeing as though we could go back anytime to film other stuff, I see this as a small victory! I feel a little worried though, I have to put a deposit down, and if we break the Gramophone I’ll have to pay $2000, so I’m terrified to take it out of its box. Haha.... Also on the list is the white flag, which I bag for cheap from an Italian man in a cool fabric shop. I also need flowers, and I find a great shop in West Hollywood that sells every type of flower you could imagine, they too give me a good deal after I explain what I am doing. By the end of the day I have all the props, although simple, I feel that they will give a big impact. We make a list of all the shots we need, Dan pitches an idea that requires his mate to be bound half naked in the boot of my car, (I did not see eye to eye) after a long discussion we decide not to go for it. Phew. The video must reflect my pure meanings behind it and a guy in the boot was a bit too much of a dark twist. Dan and I will start the shoot tomorrow, in the hustle and bustle of the central crazyville of Hollywood! Go go go!!

Day 3 – Sunday 11th April

Exercise was a priority today!! Dan and I went for a run in the morning, (must keep my weight down if I’m to be on camera...haha) it was supposed to be a 20 min run but turned into 30 minutes because we got lost. The suburb we’re staying in is lovely but every block looks the same. It’s a safe area, and the house we’re in is so pretty, typical LA back yard with hot tub and open planned kitchen/ living room. I do a catch up interview on camera talking about the arrival and what we’ve done so far. Our mission for the next few days is to arrange meetings with people in the industry, so far we have two contacts, Katri and Katie, neither have specified a particular date or time, but we’re hoping to speak with them mid week. Dan’s friend Andy can play guitar so I teach him some of my songs just in case we get the pportunity to play live somewhere, perhaps in a bar, he picks it up very quickly. In the evening we all commune in the living room listening to music and drink wine. Artists must stick together! Rick, one of the actors plays piano and everyone sings. It’s a lovely bounding evening; the songs he plays reminds me of my childhood, he plays beautifully and I weep and drink herbal tea. Dan films everything shamelessly.

Day 2 – Saturday 10th April 2010

Today we decide to do a recce downtown LA for my first music video shoot, oh did I mention, other than shooting a documentary and meeting industry execs I decided I would like to cram in a music promo in LA too! Dan shoots out of the window while I call out famous landmarks as we drive, the Kodak Theatre, the Walk of Fame, the Hollywood sign. The weather is overcast and cool. A number of people we speak to thank us for bringing the British weather with us. At one point Dan asks me to test the distance of my radio microphone, to do this he makes me wonder into McDonalds talking to myself the whole time, I must have looked a little odd, however I get my revenge by making a trip to the toilet. After washing my hands I use the dryer and make sure the deafening roar can be heard through the mic, seems like it’s working fine. I have a long phone conversation with my friend John whom I met by chance last year in San Diego. He knows a lady called Kateri, who’s quite big in LA, and tells me he’s trying to arrange a meeting with her. Later we travel to Andy’s apartment, it’s amazing!!! We’re introduced to the other actors in the house, they’re all lovely!! We spend the evening talking and singing, we all get along immediately. Dan and I have a talk about our first music video idea, it’s for my song called “White Flag”, we have no money and just the camera Dan brought with him to make it, but we throw a few ideas around. I feel much happier in this new place, surrounded by creative people. Dan’s still a little jet lagged, but we get an early night, it’s been a long day, I’m happy we’ve already got some footage in the can! What will tomorrow bring?

Day 1 – Fri 9th April 2010

Today is the first official day of my Blog! – Gracie in America! I drove from San Diego to pick up my filmmaker friend Dan from LAX airport, over the next 20 days he’ll be following me around California, searching for a record producer, filming everything I do…but more on that later. I arrive early, and wait around the terminals, my phone rings, its Dan, he’s arrived at terminal 7, i’m at terminal 1! it takes me 20 min’s to walk to him and by the time we meet we’re running late for the first interview! I’m on a mission, I’ve come to LA to discover what it takes to become a professional musician, i’ll be interviewing agents, producers and general music people, i’m starting from scratch, and I’ve thrown myself into the deep end. I’m a singer songwriter from the UK, I’ve been playing in bars and clubs for about 2 years, and with the help of my Dad recorded an ep “Feet First”, but its 2 years old, so NOW is the time to make a debut album… I have no manager, no agent, no money, but I will make it!!!! and that’s why i’m here in California!! Dan, the poor guy is terribly jetlagged, it looks as if he hasn’t slept for 2 days, so he puts on a brave face when I tell him we’re in a rush to get to our first interview! Dan’s an old high school friend, he’s a freelance filmmaker who can operate cameras, direct and edit, so he’s a bit of a one man band, he’ll be my team during the trip. When I pitched the idea to him in the UK he thought it sounded like an adventure, so here we are… We have 2 hours to find our hostel, drop off our bags, freshen up then hit the road again to find somewhere to conduct my first interview with Katie Shorey. (i have never conducted an interview, nor been on camera.....so, this is going to be very interesting) I found Katie online, I have a myspace music page www.myspace.com/gracielecoixwright and she was kind enough to leave a positive comment on my board. I told her I was coming to LA and I would love to meet with her and chat with her about her views on the music industry. Other than being a fantastic singer songwriter she runs a great website called www.singersongwritersventure.com, it’s a promotional website for other musicians, offering expert industry advice, creative input, do’s and don’ts and general encouragement. I’m lucky to have found her for my first point of contact. Anyway, we’re running late, and I don’t have the full address of the hostel. I booked it online, and Dan is fading fast, not a good time to get lost. I phone a friend, he googles the address, thank God for google. Luckily Katy rings us with the news she’s running late too, so we rearrange the shoot for another day, which gives us more time to find the hostel, which eventually we do, and it’s a little bit..ermmmmmm.....well shall we say, the pool pictures gave the wrong impression. Upon arrival it appears there is some confusion over the booking, we end up paying 165 bucks for one night.....165 bucks for bunk beds!!! Luckily, through a bizarre twist of fate, Dan tells me he actually bumped into his old friend Andy on the aeroplane! Andy is an aspiring actor and is in LA for an actor’s showcase, he invites us to stay at his apartment with his 5 other actor friends, we decide to stay one night at the hostel, then head to Andy’s tomorrow. In the evening I meet a young chap called Ahmed, he’s in LA recording a rap album with friends. Like me he’s come to LA to chase his dream. With Katie’s interview postponed I decide to chat with him on camera instead, so he’s officially my first interview! He shares his music stories, he’s a natural on camera and his energy is contagious. We talk for ages until Dan can’t stay awake any longer. I head up to bed buzzing with excitement, that within the first hour of filming we found a musician. I prop my guitar against the window, the moonlight shines through the tuning pegs forming giant round shadows across the unwashed floor, is this a crazy idea?

road trip

Good morning everyone!! i'm now planning the road trip through California and wondering whether to drive to Frisco or not?? Hummmmm?? Any suggestions?? Woop woop!! It’s so exciting, 2 days before i leave to start filming my first music video!! :D anyone feel like meeting up over the next few weeks and having a jam on my trip to LA?? Let me know if you’d like to?? i'll be there for a week and would like to meet with other artists, hear your songs and maybe interview with you. please contact me if you would like to be apart of this. Many thanks. Gracie

lost in here ;)

Hello all, thanks for dropping by and having click. I have to be completely honest…I am totally lost on this program; I’m slowly learning….very slowly leaning about how to add and write to people, along with all of the other links, I’m sure most of you understand what I’m talking about. Anyhow, I have tried to upload more songs, but it turns out, it’s a no go, so if you are on myspace, then please have a listen to the rest and if you are on there, then maybe you could add me!!! :D crazy I know!! Haha! Thank you for your support so far and I have super enjoyed listening to all your wonderful creations!! Thank you for your sounds. X http://www.myspace.com/gracielecoixwright please have a listen :D