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From AGT to X-Factor

Well, America's Got Talent didn't want me,(to much talent I guess) Now the next adventure is X-Factor with the infamous Simon Cowl. Should be interesting.Also 2 gigs next week. Check it out.

America's Got Talent

All right sports fans... tomorrows the day I get a shot at trying to make the show, Ya never know.... Stranger sh#t has happened?

America's Got Talent

Hi Kids!! next Sunday February 20th 2011 I'll be at the Tacoma Convention center 1500 Broadway Tacoma Wa to audition for America's Got Talent. Wish me luck!

the 110

Hey Kids, This Saturday at the 110 Lounge and Martini Bar from 8-11pm I'll be playin every song I can think and a couple more for fun. If you like Martini's this place has them in every flavor known to man. So c'mon out have a couple and listen to some classic tunes. See ya there!

Live at the Deli

Hey!! This Friday Dec.3rd 2010 Live at the Union Square deli 310 Dalby Rd Union Wa, It's me!! from 7-9pm I'll be playin music from ther 60's, 70's and beyond! Great food!! This Deli has killer grub!! and Great Music!! Family friendly. make plans to come! If ya got plans... change em! See ya there!

new fans, any fans

New Fans, I thank you for taking your time and listening to the music I'm trying to put out, and then gracing me with wanting to be a "fan".And that goes for any "Fans". I thank you for the ears to sing to, and giving me a reason to keep on playing. For anyone in the Port Orchard Wa area I'll be at the 110 Lounge and Martini Bar 110 Harrison Ave Port Orchard Wa 98366. for those that play... KEEP PLAYING!! for those who Listen... KEEP LISTENING!! and once again, Thank You!!