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We're back!

We've been gone from ReverbNation for some time now but we are back now.... sorry about that. Hopefully you've already picvked up your copy of our 2nd CD "Faded Fiction" We are currently getting ready to start playing shows non stop again!! Our Next show is March 24th Sunday in Matamoras PA. Can't wait to see everyone again!!


Hey everyone! First I want to thank everyone who came out to our shows all weekend, you guys are amazing! A special thanks for everyone who came out to support on Sunday. If you know us then you know we played The Break Contest and we we're among the ten amazing bands that moved onto the next round. April 11th is going to be monstrous! I'm talking a huge show! We need everyone to come out and cheer us on! Tell your friends, besides us there will be so many fantastic bands! Once again thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts, your support means the world to us. -All the More

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