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Back at it, S'GO!

What's gloin' ya'll. I've been M.I.A. for a minute now, haven't dropped much of anything, school and other shit has been getting in the way. BUT, g.l.o. Records is about to come back in a major way. Finally going to drop "The Bidding War" on September 13th, the 16th anniversary of the big homie 2pac's death (R.I.P.).

Me and the homie J. Trippy are also putting out a joint mixtape (still untitled) under the group name "I&I" sometime in the coming months. Plus I'm working on my first official EP "Se7en", tentative release date is October 23. Visuals and shows to follow.

I'm going to be keeping you guys up to date a lot more on this Reverbnation page, so make sure you check it out for all the new shit dropping. And thanks for the support.

Invite your friends, share the music, and keep gloin'.

Peace and Love