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The Tranquility of Tranquilizers

Please check out my new tracks from my second album, my song called "Persistence" is a free download.

Australia I Love GondwanaLand.

Happy Australia day to all Australians. God Bless, Peace be with you, and I hope that 2016 will be the best ever.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everybody, Peace be with you. I wish all of you a happy and wonderful Christmas. For those who are alone this Christmas remember this one thing God created you and Jesus loves you for the person that you are. Jesus has saved my life over and over again, Miracles happen everyday, God Bless.

Elvis has left the building.

Information can be a dangerous commodity when your an alien abductee, a witness of Jesus Christ, and prophet of God most high. (ie) please read corinthians 2 :12

For those who struggle at christmas.

Someone once said, misery loves company. For all of you out there who are doing it alone this christmas, you are not alone. Some people have everything some people have nothing. But if you have nothing, isn't that something. God Bless.


Christmas to me is about the coming of Jesus Christ into the world, Jesus has saved my life so many times that I've lost count, Believe in Jesus it might just save your life.

The Tranquility of Tranquilizers

With a bit of help from above and some luck My second album should be available soon. I hope that you like it.

You know

The Fact of the fiction is a reality that is comprehended by those who have already seen too much, They say that in war truth be the first casualty. In Space Time the few control the many through Radio TV Net and media. If you are going to be successful by means of your own hands, then you must have a connection in the past.

The time is now.

Who controls the past controls the future. The reason why people have positions of influence and power in this world is primarily because of space time manipulation. The truth speaks for itself.

The Space Time continuum.

It's all about who controls Time. The Governments want to control Time to win Armageddon. But it's already said and done. So no matter how many times the Governments manipulate time, it's already been done before.