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Moriba Marcano / Blog

What is Reality?

This world of matter is only a tiny bit of the whole of reality. What is more, it is static as opposed to the free flowing nature of consciousness. I daresay that Time is an illusion of the world of matter. It first struck me that time was just a measurement of space when I was about 12. A colossal paradox in this universe is that matter is finite but goes on for what appears to be infinity... however when we close our eyes and visualize, that 'place' we go to where we can be anywhere at anytime etc. That is the realm of consciousness. That's what I consider God to be. In a sense that is true reality because it is the potentiality of the universe . That is true infinity..."absolute zero". I came up with this hypothesis when I was 19. I was young and thought that kind of stuff mattered to everybody. When I was ultimately thrust into the realm of hand to mouth living, I found these thoughts extravagant in that circumstance. Nonetheless I cherish my experiences, all of them.

Who am I? & Where I'm at!

I guess mankind is cursed with a fear of the unkown. Which is what I'm categorised as right now, unkown and yet to be classified.

How many people do you know that can compose, perform, produce and arrange an entire album alone. Using either acoustic or electronic instruments or computer programming. Do the necessary graphics and liase with the media and club owners etc. Then do the live performance, the live mix and so on? Prince? Wyclef Jean? Lenny Kravitz? I really don't know. Help me out here...

I guess that's why people feel so good to talk about the fact that I love women, or altered states to the exclusion of everything else that I do/have done.

Here it is I've sacrificed my life to learn how industry works with a special focus on the entertainment industry. Taught myself how to do everything in that industry, not only to further my career but also that of the people that helped to raise me (I'm second generation in the performing arts) and the community into which I was born.

I spent quite a number of years producing, arranging, mixing and mastering. Promoting and doing the job of publicist, session musician, gopher, graphic artist the list goes on. For pittance, admittedly not just to help them out but to establish myself.

I've seen quite a few of the acts on whose career and material I worked blossom or in some cases be rekindled due to my works. But the second that I said OK now it's time for me to get paid what I'm worth and to start focusing on my own career as a singer/songwriter/recording artist.

I was villified, made out to be some kind of crazy, violent, dope fiend. Suddenly all the things that kept the creative juices flowing when I was working on their projects became very evil when I was working on my own projects.

But after a few years of this and my getting to the root of it all, I licked my wounds and was ready to move on. To then be faced with an inability to get gainful employment as a producer, or sound engineer, or freelance guitarist, or singer or songwriter or publicist.

So I hit the mainland US again with my 2 empty hands swinging and started over from scratch. Being displaced from the friends and colleagues of my former lives as an actor and solo performer and now without money or equipment. I was then forced to try to find a regular job and to take monies, to keep a roof over my head and have something in my stomach from family (ironically some of the same people that helped me to get where I was just then) and from uncle sam and whoever else was willing at the time.

So I've finally dug back into my bag of tricks and pulled out my old day job as a solo performer (I sing and play the guitar over tracks I've recorded in my studio) and am ready to hit the road again. The pay is great, it's lots of fun and I meet lots of people. While doing this I'll continue promoting my career as a singer/songwriter/recording artist/producer. Set back up my company etc.

Life was never easy, but I didn't need help to fuck up my life that I could've accomplished that all by myself. I need help to prosper, to make the world a better place. A place filled with music of all sorts old, new and shit you've never heard before, and of course moving images too.

Don't hate because my style is so Indie yet so polished that y'all ain't sure what to think. Let's work together mankind, I'll help you guys if you help me and if not, well... fuck it. I'll fly solo, that's really my style anyways. I intend to become wealthy in spite of y'all and your dumb, low self-esteem bullshit.

Peace, love, sunny skies... And if that fails, God Bless America, I'll just just get me a couple 9mm's M

What conspiracy?

The fact of the matter is that truth speaks for itself no matter how much it is denied. Is it so hard to understand that all that's been happening is this. Mortal men with an average life expectancy of 30-60 years trying to get as much as they can out of life in that time span. 99.9% of men who have the power to cause change, just dont, because they came and met the system the way it is. The system is colossal and in general there is no money to be made in righting the wrongs of society. It's simply easier as a politician or a judge or a succesful business person let's say, to smoke a joint or pay for sex behind closed doors knowing full well that even if they get caught because of their position in society they can either find a scapegoat or get away with it. As opposed to trying to get the laws changed. It's just that simple. M


Our thought patterns, the very way we live our lives from day to day, stems from our belief systems and subconcious mind. The mind must be an impenetrable fortress and connot be so if the building blocks of our thought world can be easily picked apart when placed under a microscope...M

I remember my most intense orgasm. Do you remember yours?

It was 1995 or 1996, I was living in South Beach at the time. Had a small to mid sized studio apartment on the corner of 14th & Euclid. Met this beautiful woman while playing on Lincoln Road with a trio I was fronting at the time. I was on guitar and vocals, had a blonde French chick on bass (she was a hard rocker) and a totally chill Morrocan guy on hand drums. No more details to protect the innocent, hehehe. Anyways, we hit it off this lady and I did and we met for extra curricular activities. On one such occasion, we were kicking back in my apartment chit chatting over red wine and some good herb. The last thing I remember is showing her a cool phenomenon. I burn lots of incense and that coupled with the fact the a/c was running and we were smoking on this giant oriental bean bag thingie (I forget what it's called) that was on the floor, anyways... this caused all the smoke to rise to the top half of the room. It literally looked like an atmosphere, like clouds and shit. It was pretty trippy, then I dozed off to sleep. It was an uneventful rest, no dreams just pitch black. Next thing I know I wake up bawling like a new born baby. Apparently my lady friend started performing fellatio on me while I was asleep and I awoke at the exact moment of orgasm. It was unfuckingbelievable!...M

I'd like to share this thought. Before I get rich and I don't give a fu@k

What difference does it make, big bang or creation. ULTIMATELY WE'LL NEVER KNOW WHICH. We are here right now. Either or, everything is as it is at the present moment. My point is this, those who have the funds and those who have the brains need to focus on what's the point anyways, and how to better life for humanity and our world/universe. With awareness, comes responsibility. I think that our job now is to focus on stabilising this planet and it's resources. The universe is infinite, let humanity be the white blood cells of the universal body. Why else can we think? Basic issues of life will remain the same, but at least we'll have a noble, worthy and inspiring ideal to put life into perspective and give mankind focus. We bicker over inconsequential bs, I would love to just say fuck it my life is all about me (which it is)... how much money can I make, how many women can I conquer. But that would make me just like a baboon or any other animal if they were human, that's all they do. Nature made it so, because it's the only way that life could evolve to the point where we can say "hey it's pretty incredible that life is even possible, and it's worth preserving whatever allows us to understand that." Anyways, in this age of technology and enlightenment the dark ages will soon be upon us again so let the people beware. I'm happy anyway it works out, barbarian or intellectual. But it would be sad if all was lost and another eternity had to transpire before thought of a higher level evolved...M

Working Towards a World Religeon?

For thousands of years, the masses have been kept illiterate and have been forced to live in fear and poverty. So that the powerful could remain that way. If they knew that all religeons speak of different aspects of the same God they probably would not join the army or slave away their lives unquestioningly.Now for the first time in the history of mankind the masses have access to information, knowledge and the truth. Just have Faith and whatever you are comfortable with let that be your God, knowing that no human could possibly know all of God. So whatever aspect of God inspires faith in you, let it be so. Just never judge another's conception of God and live your life. Much Love...M


Language Let me start this by saying this, humans are funny creatures. We tend to take the most important things for granted. When we have problems that we can't resolve as a community or race, we find a scapegoat and pretend that it/that is the problem. Then we nail it to a cross or burn it and shout to the top of our lungs that the problem has been eradicated. This creates the temporary illusion that something has been done, when in truth it has not even been addressed This short discourse is about one of the things without which humanity could not possibly have achieved anything worthwhile, yet that no one ever stops to say thank you for. I'm talking about language. Imagine trying to get anything done that required teamwork, without language and the ability to communicate it would be impossible. We need to realise that it's these kinds of things that separates us from from the animals, and not much else. When is the last time you heard anybody have a conversation about who invented language? I say that we humans have alot of maturing to do, let's use the gift of language and the ability to communicate. Let's engage in conversations about real issues...M