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Looking for NEW Drummer...

We've been blessed to work with some top-notch players since the band's inception. Jamey Crow Bartley has been our "Starter" for a few years, but he amicably informed us that he will be taking some time off from music... We want to keep the ball rolling with our current momentum and there are a lot of great players out there, so here we go...

QUALIFIED CANDIDATE: • video footage of recent LIVE performance(s) • age (doesn't matter)... ROCK STAR! • transportation • Punctuality • NO substance abuse please • Team Player • good meter / work with click on a few tunes

To us, it's ALL about the songs. Most of us are already in several projects. We've been gigging 4-5 times/year in/around Denver, but we're ready to increase that with the right drummer. We're on the heavier side of pop/rock.

EMAIL: info@omniism.com subject line "Drummer" etc...


We just threw together another NEW TUNE (to submit to Channel 93.3's Hometown For the Holidays)!

It's called "ONE FOOT" and it strays from the "heavy" reputation we believe we have (especially after recently releasing "The Fittest")... We're not concerned with that... Our long-time fans know we're not afraid to change things up and defy genre stereotypes and this song does just that..

We live in Denver, and let's face it, NOBODY helps Denver bands like 93.3 KTCL! When we learned about the approaching deadline to submit our song we put a few things on hold to get it done... Regardless of how the song does in the radio competition we enjoyed making it and we're happy to share it with you when the time is right! Stay tuned to listen to "ONE FOOT"!!!


We were under budget on everything we've released since the Messiah Complex LP, therefore everything subsequently released (that's on our ReverbNation page) is FREE (until we change our minds) ENJOY!!!


Rock n Roll is like SEX... it feels good when it's done right!!! That being said, thank you for your patience... Last night we finished the master of our NEW EP: "A Turn For The Worst" and we're happy to offer you (4) NEW TUNES as our sophomore follow-up to the full-length "Messiah Complex." This time we did it RIGHT by jamming it out as a rhythm trio to prep Jamey Crow Bartley on drums (who also took on a major production roll)... then we added the goodies and finished it licket-e-split... well, as fast as time and money would allow... This album was Mixed/Mastered by Tyler Duffus and features everyone in the NEW line-up: Jamey Crow Bartley, Patrick Searcy, Ty Hughes, Bryan Stacks, Bobby O'Shea, and Chris Thomas... Stay tuned for more updates and PLEASE join us at Herman's Hideaway this Friday, September 6, 2013 https://www.facebook.com/events/571495092896382/


Hi... been kinda busy w charity work, booking Herman's Hideaway, and tracking vocals for Philly band (Ever/After), however, it is my pleasure to inform you that Omniism will be tracking Jamey Crow Bartley on drums this Sunday at Coupe Studios in Boulder Colorado... Got four new songs coming very soon!!! Thank you for being a part of this. Good things to follow =) CT


WOW!!! Lot's of clicking, and playing the new tune "IN A DREAM." They say "Denver is a test market... If it does well in Denver, then it will do well in other US markets." We've got lot's of work to do, and some of our songs are more marketable than others, but these stats are VERY encouraging. Thank you for checking out OMNIISM!!! - Change is in the air DENVER - don't sit on the fence - get behind the bands you wanna see do well... Everybody wins =) Have a great day!!!


As I gear up to really focus on wearing the "artist hat" this year, I can't help but be grateful for everything that brought me to where I am right now. I've been seriously pursuing a career as an artist for about 7 years now and a lot has happened during that time, including being a Talent Buyer / Manager at Herman's Hideaway for the last (4) of these years. I have learned so much and seen so many people come and go. There are a lot of people in Denver that deserve to be recognized for their talent and perseverance. I feel big things on the horizon for Denver music... and I will continue praying (and doing what it takes) to stand out more than ever!!!


Ello mates, CT here. Figured I should post something since Omniism is already 6/8 finished tracking our NEW single "In A Dream" (and because it's been forever).

Yes, I know, we just released a full-length, but we love recording and I've been "dying" to record this new one. By the way... "In A Dream" features Jamey Crow Bartley (from Spools of Dark Thread) on the drums!!!

I consider myself a tortoise in this race to generate interest and keep it. I've taken a couple months to "back up" and "refine" because I'm focused on the bigger picture!!!

As many of you know, I also manage (and book) a 500 cap venue in Denver called Herman's Hideaway. I call it "The Whiskey of Denver."

Anyway, 2012 is our 30th anniversary and it's already turning into a BIG year... bands like King's X, Days of the New, etc... so I'm looking to generate interest on a few different levels and also help out some of the many people who look up to me as a leader here in our barely-tapped music scene.

I'm always continuing to find my strengths as an artist, a performer, a promoter, and a person, so stay tuned, cause more good things are in the works!!!

Oh, yeah, I actually have been blogging on one of my other sites http://www.worldviral.com - that blog will roll over with HUGE changes and additions I've been making (but haven't published yet). I have been collecting videos, writing content, and outlining my master plan for the latter half of this year.

Much love...


We applied for SXSW 2012 - How cool could this be? We appreciate your support!!! Stay tuned...


We submitted... so keep your fingers crossed. If you'd like Omniism to be selected for this huge opportunity stay tuned to 93.3 KTCL... and support your favorite Denver bands (because Denver's great music isn't going unnoticed)!!! http://www.area93.com