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2011 State of the Archer Nation (Part 3)

Now that you know the events that transpired leading up to the present day, let me fill you in on the latest news and what to look forward to in the world of Archer!

After some major setbacks, the long-awaited and long overdue sophomore album has been recorded and being prepared for release! Not only that but we had the opportunity to work with producer Gilby Clarke (ex-guitarist Guns and Roses) on the project! The album’s official credits will read: Produced, Mixed, and Engineered by Gilby Clarke (Ex- Guns & Roses, Rockstar Supernova) and Mastered by Maor Appelbaum (Halford, Yngwie Malmsteen, Cynic, Lita Ford, Armored Saint, etc) at Maor Appelbaum Mastering in California - U.S.A. To keep it brief, he was amazing to work with and we had a hell of a time making a record with Gilby down in LA. The tracks sound awesome and we are so excited about finally releasing a new record with the new lineup! In addition to the record coming out, we are working on the ever-crucial promotional tool that goes hand in hand with releasing an album – touring! Archer is now ready to hit the road extensively in 2011 to back up the album and bring the new music to the masses! In addition to securing domestic dates both independently and with national acts, Archer is working on European dates this summer to build on our previous appearances in rock and metal festivals in Germany and Sweden in past years. As always, www.archernation.com will get you all the info and give you links to our Facebook, MySpace, ReverbNation, Twitter, YouTube, and all the rest. So keep up on all the latest news so you don’t miss us when we come to a city near you!

Lastly, I find myself in a new era of the band, an era that has brought new members, new music, and new opportunities to pursue. I understand that to someone that has known the band for years, it could appear to be something very different from its humble beginnings. What I ask of you is this - Let the music be the judge. Grab a copy of the new record when it comes out. Come see the new lineup live the next chance you get. Check out the band and witness it for yourself. I may be the only familiar face you recognize and the sole thing that you can relate to from Archer’s yesteryears but I guarantee you this – This band is better than ever. Musically, lyrically, live performance, and everything else. I say this not out of spite of the past but in optimism and sincerity for what I believe in moving forward because I truly feel that Archer is prepared and worthy of being recognized more than ever. I’ve had to fight a long way to get Archer back in the saddle and I’ll be damned if we get ignored now. It has been some time since we’ve found ourselves in the position where everything is poised and ready to make a big push towards the future and I’m extremely proud of everyone involved with the band. So take my honest word for it and be a part of Archer as we move forward with more momentum than ever before.

Besides, you didn’t think that when the old guard resigned that I was just gonna lay down and die…..

Did you? ; )

To everyone who has ever supported or loved the band, and until next time-

Keep it real and stay hard! Dylan ARCHER

2011 State of the Archer Nation (Part 2)

About six months after bringing David on as an official member of the band in early 2010, Duke T Mc B, the other founding member of Archer, resigned from his duties behind the kit. He had made a comeback to kick off 2009 after being away from the band for all of 2008 and was on board for one of the band’s highlights to date when Archer toured opening for Black Label Society in March of that year. However, time revealed that being in the band was something he could no longer sustain given the paths in life he had chosen to take. Being in a serious band requires a tremendous amount of time, energy, commitment, and work that is a full-time job all by itself and it demands everyone’s unending motivation to keep pushing forward - something he no longer had. So in the end David and I wished him the best of luck and parted ways. Now I once again found myself in the unenviable position of holding auditions and rebuilding again...

Finding our drummer was a similar scenario to what happened with David. He was the last one we tried after a LOT of less than promising auditions and several agonizing weeks thinking, "Where are we gonna find our guy?". We even drove down to LA and back in one day to hold tryouts. But back in San Jose we eventually found who we were looking for. In September of last year, in walked a tall skinny and very excitable young dude who put on a display in auditions that we hadn't seen before. So much so, in fact, that we couldn't play with him at first! He was hell-bent on overplaying everything so much that we couldn't even feel the grooves of our own songs! But Dave and I recognized his potential and how dedicated to the drums he was, hoping our search had ended. We gave him an ultimatum that very first night we met - "Hey kid, if you can come back next week and show us that you know how to lay down a groove and choose when to elaborate a bit more wisely, we're in business". Sure enough, he got the message loud and clear and we officially brought him into Archer within a month of meeting him. Like I said about Dave, just wait until you see and hear Ferret play. Trust me - you'll like what you find. And like Dave, he is supremely dedicated to his craft and to pursuing the shared musical dream of Archer.

2011 State of the Archer Nation (Part 1)

On the verge of releasing our long-awaited follow up album, it feels like the right time to personally speak out and update everyone on all that has happened in the recent past and what to expect with the future of Archer. I'll be as concise as possible and give as much insight as I have to date. And by the way - Thanks for being along for the ride so far! It's been a long road to get to this point. I guess when you start as young as we did it feels like you've been around the business in some capacity forever. In our career thus far, we've seen amazing growth as musicians, songwriters, and performers, as well as fan popularity and presence in the industry. As you'd expect, with all the amazing moments come varying levels of adversity, letdowns, and all the cliché band obstacles you can dream up. This last year or so was certainly no different.

Here’s where we’ll pick the story up….

After coming off the Black Label Society tour of March 2009, we came back and re-acclimated into life at home, eager to begin preparations to hit the studio later in the year. A few months went by and we had the material pretty much in place, but the energy and communication within the band was deteriorating over time, particularly with our bassist. It felt like the bonds that had held us together as a unit for so many years were less present, and there wasn’t the same enthusiasm or camaraderie that we enjoyed in the past. Consequently, in August of 2009 founding member Isaiah Black called it quits, leaving a void we never had to fill before. Thankfully I had my longtime friend and founding member Duke T Mc B back on the drums so I wasn't completely alone when Isaiah's decision came. Regardless, it was heartbreaking and we spent the next several weeks lamenting, wondering if perhaps he'd have a change of heart. But in the end it was a choice he was sure in making. It was time to move on.

I won't spend long telling you this, but just trust me when I say that NOTHING hurts more in a band than losing a member no matter the circumstances that forces the split - especially a founding member and more importantly a brother and longtime best friend like him. So what were we to do? We did what any band would do necessary to move forward.... find a damn bassist!!

So Duke and I set up shop and held auditions in the fall of 2009 looking to find the future of Archer on bass. After having no success for several weeks and growing increasingly desperate to find the missing piece, we tried something new. We called up the nearest Guitar Center, asking them if they knew any metal bassists looking for a band. They offered up only one guy's info, saying "We just fired this guy but he plays in a Black Sabbath tribute band, check him out." About a week later we invited him over to the house to jam and talk about the future of the band. Needless to say, things went pretty damn good. After a few more rehearsals and a show or two, we knew we had found our guy. And after spending the last year playing alongside him, it is clear we made the right choice. Some of you have already gotten to see and hear David in the band, but I wanted to finally lay down the introduction for the record. Please welcome David De Silva into the band. If you haven't seen him yet then get off your ass and watch it happen live. Better yet, pick up a copy of our album when it drops and listen to the level of musicianship he brings to the table. He's the real deal and has the dedication and commitment it takes to accomplish our goals within Archer.

OK. One down, one to go....