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Singer Ama Chandra to Showcase Power of Resilience During Performance - Baltimore magazine

Singer Ama Chandra to Showcase Power of Resilience During Performance - Baltimore magazine

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New Things, Old things - What I know for sure.

The best part of maturity is putting things into practice that are tried and true. I get a certain sense of satisfaction from watching things line up as I expect. The next best part of maturity is the reliability of expecting the unexpected also known as all things going to hell. I know that particular part of the journey makes life interesting, keeps your mind sharp, and makes for great stories.

I am getting better everyday, which makes me keenly aware of the things that have changed, that are v...

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In My Own Words - A Warriors Tale (A Survivors Story)

In honor of those who did not survive, whose stories ended and whose last moments only echo in the minds of their killers, I shall tell my story. I know what you may have felt. I hope my telling releases your tale of vulnerability into the ethers. You were as surprised as I carrying on with your lives, violently interrupted. May my life and work shift into the light the dark energy that senselessly takes life. Your life was not in vain. Ase.

July 9, 2015

It was a great night of easy home entertain...

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Operation Stabilization

The last few years have been a series of life lessons on how to be crazy on a fixed income. I have survived with a few insane stories, a couple of amputations, and a greater sense of purpose. Coming home with a child on continuous oxygen and a bradycardia monitor that continuously false alarmed, I put my children at the forefront of my life and supported us with skills I did not know I possessed! I learned how to tread water and walk on quicksand. I developed a deep sense of gratitude and w...

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Berimbau and Fiddle improv! Baltimore Boom Bap Society: Session XVII, 7/9/21012, (Part 10)

This was taken last night. At around 6:20 I start a conversation with the berimbau and the fiddle responds. Then the fiddle leads and I respond.... it's magic!


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A Short Story - The Theme is Love

Inspired by Acoustic Soul an Open Mic Hosted by Marc A Evans Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.
Mother Teresa

The Theme is Love

After a series of disappointments and acceptances, our heroine was more committed than ever to her quest. She'd plunged into the brush, following the signs that led her on a path of self discovery. She had completed many missions and had come to understand her skill set, talents and gifts. She also understood all too well he...

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Poem - 70's Soul

Dubscience Photography
 To the Soul
There is a formula when bass meets drum, meets guitar, meets keys, meets voice. A reason why the electronics had to come in and replace what could not be replicated. Soul music.Messages carried on waves and frequencies that were the cause and the effect. Merging Yin and Yang with gospel and truth.
~Ama Chandra7/3/13

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The Land of the Free

Somewhere between 23 and 30, a very specific thought crystallized in my being. I am ULTIMATELY responsible for the life I live. Not one blame could be given to anyone for any reason. That wasn't and isn't an easy pill to swallow. Here I am a completely transformed life a way from that woman who was miserably trying to make her former husband happy.

There's this comfort I used to wrap myself in called victim hood. At 32 a girlfriend and I held a burning in Effigy. My reason - the bitch had to die....

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