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OK OK, I haven't been that active here

This week I will be posting some new/old work, but really, if you want to hear more check out my You Tube site (search Art Resnick) or soundcloud.com

It's been a long time!

I know I've been lazy about keeping up to date with my RN site here but I promise that I'll be soon posting some new material recorded in the past year from both live concerts and a new recording. It's been a crazy year. Last month I put on a concert called Piano Bizarro which featured many weird compositions (not the usual jazz) for different kinds of pianos. I wrote a piece for 4 toy pianos and another for 2 pianos tuned 1/4 tone apart! You'll find these posted soon.


I happened to click the all favorites link on my page today to remind myself of who I REALLY liked and found that RN has placed every single artist that I fanned/fanned back as a favorite! This is bullshit. I feel obligated to fan all the people here that fan me and I know that most of them are just looking for fan numbers. I don't care about that. And there are a few artists here that I actually chose as favorites. This system is unfair to those that I've chosen. Shame on you Reverb Nation.


Since the date range only goes back as far as 2003, what can I say. A discography is a listing of a performers recordings and I have at least 15 that I'm a leader on or arranger/performer. Too bad I can't really list them here.

Latest News from Art

As you can see I've changed the title of the page. One reason is that I want to post music from other groups I've lead and am currently suspending booking for this trio. I am considering starting a quartet project with some of the music I wrote and played with the Group "Expedition" in NYC. This group consisted of myself, Rufus Reid (bs), Victor Lewis (dr), and Bob Rockwell (reeds). It was a powerful group and I miss that energy. I will be posting some things from that group and will keep you up to date about the progress of this new project. Thanks for visiting!


Unlike many of the bands that use RN for promotional reasons, to sell recordings, gather national recognition, etc. my purpose here is to share music I've created with other fine musicians (some of them world famous) . As you probably know many jazz tunes, especially live recordings are longer than that so there are some that I cannot place here on RN. Therefor if you wish to hear those pieces you can go to You Tube and search for rezmogm channel. Thank you for listening.

Information about the tunes I upload.

I've had a problem finding where to present any explanation of the tunes I'm uploading so I've decided to do that here. Most of the time it's my own compositions but I do play other works by Bill Evans, occasional arrangements of standards, etc. The latest offering is Ala Ornette and is an homage to the great Ornette Coleman, one of the four or five alto players I've loved throughout the years.