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Hip hop boy band has been replaced by concert piano-part4

Introversion after success It is said that success either balances you or let you fall in a direction you are about to lean anyway. Levente – just as a kid – faces himself and realises the he hardly knows anything about music – at least compared to the whole. In his case balance wins. The opinion of friends and music experts becomes important. But the facing does not take a moment – it takes a long process indeed. And when Miklos Malek (composer, producer) invites him to New York, he starts off to the New World immediately. He learns, experiences and listens. He works in the team of international stars, like Anastacia, Tarkan and Celine Dion as a producer. But he gets disappointed. USA shows its unexpected face to him – though there is another side as well, but he sees this one: „ You are sold for a penny, taken into a machinery, dismantled into pieces and every bones of you is re-sold separately. By the time every piece of you is collected and joined together, it is not you anymore. If you do not do it – it is your decision. No problem. You are not needed any more. And if you are only a bystander, you are jittered. If you inquire about others’ job, they think you hunt for their position. If you inquire after someone’s wife, they think you have a liaison with her.” He returns to Hungary – to the country where he believes that the cheerfulness and happiness is not purely a question of a cheque filled in of a huge amount – although it is important and sometimes necessary. However, suffering in uncertainty of existence, he sees more of a charm than a problem of this country. He continues his career as a businessman. He tries everything, even puts his feet in the production of modern erotic clips but his creation is imperishable as a musician, producer and composer. He creates the Hungarian-gypsy R&B style with Hungarian artists. ( Emilio, Majka) Lately he works for himself. He returns to the roots, the notes of his childhood and rediscovers his way to the classical music. His fingers find again and again pieces of Tchaikovsky or Chopin. „I rediscovered them although I think this music is not meant for today’s world. We live a speedy life therefore compositions made for a slower world with its bridges and curlicued trimmings seem really slow and less consumable today than even 30 years ago. I feel and sense these pieces of music and I know the reason they were born but I have to adopt them, to adjust to the present in order to be processable for the mind.” His first album spans about 50 minutes for which there is a simple reason: „This much is what I intend to communicate. This much can be given ease at heart, this much can be admitted ease at soul.” All I can think is that this is only the old reflex: a spare hour, at one set, with straight back, constant attention. Original source

Hip hop boy band has been replaced by concert piano-part3

Change of pace, on the way There is always something where rebellion derives from . All that needs is a great deal of defiance and knowledge. Defiance is needed because it brings up suppressed temper and wish, and without knowledge on can not contradict anything. Because when the piano is filled up with notes, he hits the keys in vain- black and white- the strings strain and no more sound comes out of it. The piano music scores are getting piled up, and the music history book stinks like autumn… „ In times like these each note reevaluates. The hand of the metronome beats monotonously and everything is senseless. This is the time when good old Beatles is in need that moves feet automatically.” But the change of pace is not easy. Because „the world is metric based. Perfect circle, a musical period of 8-16-32 bars. Just as a song evolves unconsciously. It is a simple structure: verse-bridge-chorus. All you have to do is learn to live with it.” That is why the next year after the „soft” 1995 will be a strong one. Because Levente Egry – although fighting with himself – gives up copying the American music standards and starts to mix dance floor and hip hip with Hungarian melodies. The result is over 160 000 sold albumsonly in Hungary – moreover in 6 other countries reaches gold record „Hip Hop Boyz 3”.

Hip hop boy band has been replaced by concert piano-part2

But looking around from above can be done in many ways; even seeing oneself through the humid wall of some rainclouds. But that year is so strong for Levente Egry that by following Bobby Brown he comes out with a boy band because he sees the business in the band of heartthrobs aiming hearts of young girls. However, being a member is not his real style. He listens only his own voice saying: „My mates rather served me than cooperated with me”. However, the year of 1993 might not be a really good year after all. The first album is not quite successful so Levente makes some adjustments on the style. He is decided, always knows what he wants. His persistence spares him a lot for the hard months and years - and he needs it indeed because although the year of 1995 is less ferocious, he can not work out the secret of nationalising the boy band sound originated in the western world. With straight back, constant attention „When I enjoy what I play then I listen and concentrate only for that. When I do not like it, I stop doing it. Otherwise music has no sense.” He knows what makes one autonomous – but he can not help, he was born to be one. At high school the professors did not understand how could he perform a piano concerto on the exam while he neglected practicing throughout the whole year. No wonder he did so, he had been playing the piano since the age of seven. With straight back, constant attention. After the school till dinner. He would be practising. Hitting the keys again and again. Black and white, black and white. More and more melodies would come out of the instrument, longer and longer were the runs played by his fingers. Each day of the weekend and holidays is called: PIANO. One hour of practicing, one hour of resting. And then again and again when dinner time comes. Sitting with straight back and constant attention seeing himself on the stage, flopping back of his coattails. Quivering silence until the sound of his piano fills the concert hall – because he is famous and he is a Maestro of the piano. However, he prefers calling himself simply a „pianist”. In his dreams he plays the music of his days which he knows by heart, knows every notes and every beat - because the pause is a rhythm as well that makes sense of each note; the d minor, the C major and f sharp. Although he feels this routine very trying, the golden awards of piano competitions make him up for all this hard work. He even knows how can one rule the stiff keys after a good snowballing with frozen fingers, how can one sit in front of the piano without stage fright with straight back, constant attention. In the meantime he feels that he can not cope with the treadmill of everydays – he can not stop himself joining the boys outside playing football on the sand-lot. Still, the jury regards him as a child prodigy and so do his parents. His engineer dad with three diplomas would schedule his days. There is no minute without being assigned to notes, hour to runs or weeks to a sonata.

Hip hop boy band has been replaced by concert piano ..

Levente Egry is about to prepare his first real „classical” album. The musician has already co-produced several albums and created abiding hip hop productions in the 90’s but now he returns to his roots, to classical music. ( while reading this article please click the play button.) He would even compose an opera – thinks pianist / producer Levente Egry. But lets go back a little bit in time. We are in 1993 when Levy T – as formerly known the founder, producer and singer of boy band „Hip Hop Boyz” – a „young man on the peak of his ego” feels that his stands on the top of the world with both feet.