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The "B-BOY & B-GIRL" are slowly becoming relics amongst the current influx of misguided "Pop culture Rap artists". We feel the H2O sound is valid and MUCH NEEDED.! Please help us share these good vibes with more people.!! ** REMEMBER WHEN YOU GOT YOUR FIRST SONY WALKMAN/DISCMAN & HOW EVERYTHING SOUNDED SO GOOD THROUGH THOSE HEADPHONES THAT YOU HAD TO LET THE PERSON NEXT TO YOU HEAR IT TOO.? ** That is the PRECISE feeling that our crew is attempting to give back to you.!!.

Hip Hop 101

Graffiti -- words, symbols, or scenes (usually) spray-painted upon large objects to express one's inner feelings.

Break-dancing -- rhythmic movements of the body expressing the displayer's present emotions.

Emceeing -- verbally expressing one's thoughts/feelings; with or without instrumental accompaniment.

D-Jaying -- scratching, blending, looping, and mixing records creating a NEW, UNIQUE track.

Beat-boxing -- creating rhythmic sounds with one's mouth; usually accompanied by an emcee.

The Battle (Lyrical)

A lyrical "stand-off" in which emcees exchange verses (usually prepared lines of lyrical insults) with intent to belittle or cause some degree of stress to his/her counterpart. The history of the "battle" can be traced as far back as Plato or Aristotle; however, the inclusion of instruments and mass-media has the whole concept of "witty" word-play misconstrued. The earliest recorded "Hip Hop Battle" consisted of former emcees; MC Busy Bee and Kool Moe Dee (Treacherous Three). This particular duel was totally impromptu (unscripted), but remains as the foundation for what we know as "Battle Rap".

Several pioneers of the Hip-Hop game were involved in such lyrical contests (KRS One, Chuck D, Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, Common, Big Daddy Kane, LL Cool J & even M.C. Hammer). However, upon being confronted with their lyrical challenges these "Old School" artists possessed enough RESPECT and LOVE for the game, combined with their own personal integrity & level of humbleness, to realize that their particular situation could be either positive or negative within the confounds of Hip-Hop depending on their response. The present hostile Hip-Hop environment can be compared to ANY existing community where VALUES and PRINCIPLES have been disregarded and individual achievement begins to take precedence over the good of the whole.

Lyrical Fission

Distinguished word usage with intent to separate positive and negative messages within hip-hop diction. Used to stimulate a more intellectual fan-base and instill a richer sense of morality, individuality, and sensuality among TRUE followers of HIP-HOP CULTURE.

Album of the Year.!!.

Shout outs to NAS for putting an OG's stamp on his recent album, "Life is Good".!!. A certain nominee for album of the year, "Life is Good" has all the ingredients of a classic hip hop album.!!.


Concluding a 2 year hiatus, we are proud to present you with what we are calling the "Water Rush". This summer Waterwerks Ent. is releasing 4 projects, beginning with our sophomore album "HardKNOCK". This album will be available for download/purchase on Friday, July 13th. Followed by our 2nd compilation "Strictly Flows pt. II". During the month of August, we are pleased to bring to you solo projects from both Monotone Jones & Klass D. Stay tuned & enjoy the ride.!!.



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K.N.O.W.L.E.D.G.E. -- Kinetic Networking of Overall Wisdom; Learning, Euphoric Discipline, & Guiding Entities --

Creativity dwells within every human being; however, if that creativity remains stagnant (without use) there exists no alternative but for that unused creativity to dwindle and show its beholder no benefits. It also holds true that when an individual utilizes his given talent, with hopes of bettering himself, the surrounding "world" WILL provide resistance: 1. Negativity from others 2. Financial setbacks 3. Unforeseen family situations 4. Illnesses 5. Distractions from the opposite sex or 6. Loss of "appetite from within" (super-ego). To overcome these obstacles, one MUST remain focused and continue striving to become a better partisan for his/her craft. Focus and Discipline are the key elements when trying to excel at any given avenue of life. When deciding to redirect one's thought processes in order to enrich one particular facet, one MUST be alleviated from all distractions; any and everything that is NOT BENEFICIAL to his/her own personal enhancement. This undoubtedly being the most difficult of the phases that one must undergo to hone or gain recognition from his/her own CREATIVITY.