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Gearing up to release Luna, Artwork!

With chronos release coming and going, we sold a decent number of the pressed album copies, had a great release show at the nick, and are now looking at getting the release for Luna together.

We currently need original artwork for this cd release, (the booklet especially). If you are talented at drawing charicatures, space content sun moon stars, or good with designed cd booklets, feel free to email me for the art guidelines: x6x6x6nin6x6x6x@yahoo.com

We put all the artists who help us in our cd booklets, with website of their choice, and try to make donations of cash or paypal to artists involved.



Chronos Released, New Music Ahead

With the June release of Synical Deliverance 2nd album "Chronos", we now look ahead to the near future for some hopeful great shows.

That's one of the big reasons we do this, is so that we can share this involving music with people in a live atmosphere. Sure, listening to cds and mp3s is great, but there's nothing like a live performance, especially an electronic show.

We have a few shows we are trying to be apart of this summer, one in particular being BAAMfest in Birmingham. Also some more out of state exposure soon (i hope!).

Submachine has reformed, like a transformer, into something else, with new parts, and I'm glad to see everyone kicking around again. We will help you in anyway possible, just say the word guys! If anyone reading this has never heard of our friends in Submachine, then please check them out. Some of America's best electronic bands are on this label, and worth a listen! Search for them on facebook or yahoo: Submachine Productions.

I know these messages are spaced far and few in between, but life seems to catch up with me all the time. I hope you can find it in your heart to order a copy of chronos, just get in touch with me if you are interested. It sounds great. Tone Surgeon and I are now working hard on our 3rd Synical Deliverance release, and it is nothing less than a fucking masterpiece already. Stay tuned.


Working on a release for Chronos.

With it being just a little over 2 years since the release of "Hades", we are working on the finishing touches to our follow up. Lots of waiting for too long, i apologize, but it takes time to get everything right.

The music aspect if 95% done, and the artwork is halfway on the cd order templates. We have some chronos demo tracks on the music player and also video on youtube, just search for synical deliverance.

More updates soon.