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Richard T Sez

C'mon down and get moist with us at the Astro Lounge on June 1!

Strong Hold sez . . .

Old School Nu School School's out. Time to throw down straight up Rock n Roll fastballs down the middle. Easy to hit. Can that Richey T. sing or what? I'm honored to work with him. Not a bad guitar player either.Props to Mikey H. at Dyvurz Records for all the patience, encouragement and moral support. My family is the best - Bob, Clarice and Erica.Special shout out to Sarah Holmes w/ Five Pint Mary - have a great St. Paddy's day gig. Lates, a

rhondaclaridge  (almost 8 years ago)

Whats up world! This right here is a sick ass band! If you dont love music, you will after listening to these guys!