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New beginnings

So I'm laying here in bed doing a bunch of random things that will (hopefully) benefit the band ... submitting for some festivals, music for sync opportunities, and radio spins. Via reverbnation, I see we haven't blogged in over a year and a half...which isn't right for those who support and follow us and want to keep up the the 'stache lifestyle!

So I (Carter............the bass player) have taken it upon myself to write this little entry about what we are up to now. Wednesday night at the Legendary Dobbs in Philadelphia, we gathered as a band and played our first show as a brand new line-up (officially welcoming keyboardist Jon the Man and guitarist/vocalist Rizzo to the group). We had a crowd, too. And they loved it. And we loved to play. It was a sound we hadn't made before, and the feelings I gained after the show has inspired and motivated me to continue chasing the dream.

Now, we are getting a recording schedule together so we can put out more music (because we know...2 songs in 2 years is NOT what we had planned to have out). I'm fighting for a whole record, in fact! A nice LP for the people! Cuz we got that music for you! But we also have to prepare for a bunch of shows (including the ING New York City Marathon) and we also are still writing new music! Pretty much at every rehearsal we have a new tune idea going or are working on finishing up some of the ones in the works!

We premiered 2 new tracks...Empty (a song I love because I was fortunate enough to write/produce it with our talented vocalist Aaron Bliss). We also played Tequila Alemode...and the people DANCED! The girls grooved! The guys stared at the girls! I could see it from the stage, and loved it!

We're playing the Rusty Nail on Sunday October 13 as part of a Battle of the Bands, and Kung Fu Necktie on the 20th. Then the marathon. Then after that....here's hoping Fitz and the Tantrums pick us up to tour ;) haha. Well point being, more shows, recording sessions, meetings, we're doing things so we can bring the music and the message to the people!

So keep checkin' back, keep supporting, keep coming out to shows, keep listening, and most importantly....remember the love!

Thanks, Carter & the 'Stache that is Platinum'

Platinum Mustache

Platinum Mustache is quickly becoming one of Philadelphia's premiere bands. They are working with David Ivory who is a two time Grammy award nominee and President of the Philadelphia chapter of Grammy's. Keep your eyes on these guys they are looking to make some major moves this spring and summer 2012. Let's Go it's the Kings of Rock and Soul!