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Per:Smoke-B.A.R.S (Becoming A Rap Star)

Saturday, February 20, 2010 What does it take to be truly great at what you do? I been on the grind doing this music thing for 10 years now, over the last 10 I have been blessed in many ways, "B.A.R.S" is the story behind the music. Becoming A Rap Super star (B.A.R.S) is like all the bullshit you don't see, all the behind the scenes work, all the struggle. Yuk Mouth from the "Luniz" told me a wile back, Smoke there aint no success with out struggle!, I really didn't understand what he was saying at the time, I think because I was so fascinated with being around cats that were already known it numbed me. I thought shit, I been struggling my hole life, spiting BARS is easy its time to get paid!.. "LOL" what is it about being young that makes you stupid?. Over the years life has taught me many lessons, Hip Hop has taught me many lessons as well, like business. If your business is off, you aint getting on! "Get It" fuck who you know, cause who you know now most likely will be the ones holding you back then! (Deep Huh?) everybody wants to be the man!, everyone needs to have that feeling of belonging, When looking at Greats from Hip Hop's past we see that there was a Union of souls that believed in one common goal, one entity, the one who will lead them out of the dark into the light!. Now a days there is no unity, chaos has taken over. It aint the haters you gotta worry about or the police, its the ones who say "Hey man I think your music is dope, you one of the best spiters I have ever heard, I no people, I can put you on, trust me!) "TRUST ME" is the 2 words to look out for! If you have to pay to play, don't play, there are other ways (Ill let you no what they are when I figure them out! lol) for now stay true to you! Fuck what these niggas out here are doing, do the opposite! be noticed for your ability to separate. I am SMOKE the future of Hip Hop! you dont agree?. I f i didn't have to prove it, I would be doing it!. Watch for the weak, they prey on the strong. Watch for the smiler's, the ones who smile and nod they head all the time, the ones who take your music and never play it, the ones who talk to much! Im from Los Angeles CA "The West" the hardest place on earth to get on. I love my state but not the soul of it, not the tainted bling bling, rat bagged what you gonna do for me attitude! If the world does get taken over by Zombies it will start here, In Los Angeles. Lets go back to whats important, follow my example and lead not follow. To all my brother's and sisters who hold me down, I love you!.... www.myspace.com/smokethe

Artist chargin for DROPS!!!

Ok.. I have a problem with these fake ass artist who got these big heads with albums who have not even gone GOLD let alone RUST... Please...dont't forget to my up and coming artist... Dj's make the music world go ROUND... Artist can't do it alone... IF IN FACT U THINKING ABOUT CHARGING DJS FOR DROPS.... YOUR LAST NAME BETTER BE UP THERE WITH CARTER OR WAYNE... And ALWAYS remember, I remember who looks out..