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the edge where i want to be

so you just want to take the edge off

one beer one joint one teeny weeny Prozac

get rid of the edge???? the edge is what Columbus sailed straight into it's the launching pad for every space shuttle the edge is Eve contemplating the apple

and what's life without an edge? guess what, it's DULL

the edge is the cliff you've dangled from in a hundred nightmares you never know what's over that edge and there's only one way to find out

Brothers and sisters where are we- who are we- if we take the edge off?

Lose the edge and all you've got is middle middle aged middle class middle of the road middle management you're dribbling along in the uncooked vanilla pudding of life all fat no lean, hard edge to drive you sharpen your skills your wit your senses

the edge holds the answer to your questions the question to your answers it's the trailhead to the road not taken the edge is everywhere you've never dared to be

baby, if you're not on the edge you're sleepwalking through been there done that you're stuck watching reruns of somebody else's life in the great mushy middle where all the droning, moaning masses live and eat and act and dress and think alike and see the same movies so they can have the same conversations and then dream the same dreams if they dream at all

on the edge you don't know what anybody is going to do or say or think the edge is not available on your cell phone, iPod, satellite dish or anywhere in the googleable universe

and there are no disguises here on the edge, everyone is naked all bets are off and the game's not rigged the air is clear and brisk your heart's pounding you're shaking you're lightheaded and queasy you're scared because everything is initiation on that sharp unforgiving edge damn right it's uncomfortable the edge is change! it's what you don't see coming so get out of your comfort zone and deal with it!

sure, the middle's safe it's safe like hot cocoa, life jackets and training wheels if that's how you want to live if you don't ever want to break the rules take risks grow up past your precious fears and life-strangling limitations if you want to spend your life drinking lite beer smoking another joint eating what's put in front of you and home entertaining yourself till you suffocate on the vacuous paucity of your miserably crippled existence then go ahead-have a virtual life

but if you're tired and weary and battered if you can't take one more asshole riding herd on your wild and precious life if you're mad or sad or bored enough to wake up and do something if you're ready to feel the pain of the great gaping wound your life has become then goddamnit, friend! quit your job quit smoking quit whining leave that jerk write that poem go dancing get sober take a road trip-a dare-a spin-a lover-a chance honey, break down and cry if that's what it takes then pick your ass up and for all you're worth run don't walk to the edge