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First reverbnation blog in 7 years

Wow. The internet got old! It's hard to believe I've been sort of absent from this site since 2007. Ha ha! Let's see, well, I'm a dad now. Yup. She's 2. I got married oh, 3 1/2 years ago. Toured the world a couple of times, released a few albums, played about 1000 shows. What else is new? Um, well, really there's quite a lot to mention since 2007. Probably more than a blog can handle. Especially a blog that will likely remain unread until I log in again in 2021 and have a chuckle.

Well, it's a nice February day today. My most recent gigs were a house concert in Paris, two weeks ago, and a Valentines day variety show in a basement club in Calgary. What's up next? I'm headed to a whiskey tasting tonight, I'm talking at a career day for some kids next week, and currently on a goal scoring streak in my old timers hockey league. Aiming to do some touring this summer, after a busy July in Calgary. Not sure about the next album, hit a snag in the production process. But, we'll get there. And I'll let you know, Well, maybe.

new blog entry #1

yes! its new. so far 12 of you have looked at this profile. maybe 1 of you will enjoy this stunning blog. i put up some show dates. calgary, victoria and vancouver. i haven't played out in BC in ages. over a year. i don't know why not. two weekends with the Grand Caribou Opry. quite exciting. do drop in if you are a local resident. the shows will be great!

until the next entry!


for real?

new readers, this blog willl keep you up to date. but only if you read it. if you don't read it. you won't know what it says. that's the deal we strike here.

blogs about music. well today i played guitar for a while. i worked on a verse to this one new song. ran it a bunch of times. i thought about this other project i'm working on. i went to a book store and rode my bike.


Matt Masters
Matt Masters  (almost 4 years ago)

Hello Matt. Thanks for that entry back in 2007. I have to say it's a lucky thing i live with you, otherwise I wouldn't ever know what you are up to. For example, how would I know you recently dig a gig in Paris? How would I know that you spent three weeks in Italy and France last month? You know Matt, it wouldn't hurt for you to update a bit more often. Anyway, I'll see you for dinner in about two hours.