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November Quarter Note

Friends, Folks, Fanatics, I'm interested in your feedback regarding the new album, You Play My Heart, the song selection, the mixing, your favorite tracks and your overall input.

The recording embodies all that is the Texas Hill Country and, therefore, all that is me. My mentor, Kent Finlay, the owner of Cheatham Street Warehouse, many years ago suggested that I focus my writing upon what I know best. Of course my neck of the woods stretches from the the farmlands of Cedar Creek, TX through San Marcos and Austin onto the rolling hills north of San Antonio into my hometown of Marble Falls.

All of the songs were recorded in that region and all of the studio musicians & recording teammates were my friends who live in that very same region today--folks like B.B. Morse of Spicewood, Mickie Lynn, Edward Flores of South Austin, Casey & Joey Hubble of Fredericksburg, Caleb Rojas, Joel Guzman & Sarah Fox of my community of Cottonwood Shores, Chris Hurtado Reeves of Burnet, Luiz Coutinho of Austin, Kenny Grimes of Bastrop, John Greenberg of San Antonio, Mike Blakely of Lake Buchanan, Pauline Reese, George Gurganis and Randy Rudman of Marble Falls, Ron Knuth of Smithson Valley, Pat & Derenda Keating, Wake Eastman, Jan Landry, Rick Bussey, Ron Browning, David Helms & more. The one exception is "Dare to Dream Out Loud" which we recorded in Belgiosso, Italy with Stefano Bertolotti.

I writing extemporaneously so I do hope I haven't forgotten anyone. Please send your comments to jam@johnarthurtinez.net. I really do want to read them. And to those of you who buy them as Christmas gifts for friends and family I say muchas gracias because you are helping me provide for my family during the holidays!

Vayan con Dios,

john Arthur