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Can't believe it is almost November! Where has the year gone... We have been working on a new album that we'll be in the studio recording starting next month. We're really excited about the new songs.

We've been running a fundraising campaign to support the album and have been overwhelmed by the contributions. The campaign is already at $5,500, which is amazing! This is gonna allow us to do more with this album than we were able to do with the last. So thanks to all.

If you just wanna check it out, or get involved, visit www.indiegogo.com/maystandsstill. There's a cool little video you can check out, see what the project is all about. If nothing else, help us spread the word! We have about 10 days left to reach our goal.

Whatever way you can offer support, we appreciate! Thanks so much for being part of our May Stands Still family. Hope to share snippets of the album with you all soon.

With love, May Stands Still (Emily, Asha, Wes and Scott)


So here we are....

Saturday night, the 16th of July. This last week was a dream.

I'm awake, somehow, after avoiding sleep two nights in a row. My energy is at a surprising all-time high. As a songwriter and musician, you work as hard as you can, with little to no sleep, with little to no money, to see little to no progress. You struggle because you want to. You know you can make it work, so you continue to dig for the success you know is there somewhere. Sometimes it feels like too much to endure, and then sometimes, it's like the Powers That Be throw something your way that seems so effortless, and it serves as a powerful reminder. The pieces fall so perfectly, there's no question. Music is your future.

Jason Mraz will come to dinner at your house.

Excuse me?!

Yes, Jason Mraz has requested that May Stands Still's bass player, Wesley Cole Switzer, as well as pianist James Elliot, and drummer Tom Atkins, play as his band for a surprise concert. He will come over to have dinner and rehearse with the boys.

Can he borrow your guitar to rehearse? And to play at the show?

Yep. Right after someone pinches me.

He listens to your CD and to you play live in your backyard. He listens so intently, you think your head might explode. One of the most respectable and humble superstars is in your backyard, and he likes your music.


I've been party to a miracle. My future has always been, and it will always be, music. Thank you for the reminder.

February 10

HOWDY. I've been neglecting our blog space lately--I hope you can forgive me. May Stands Still is still trecking along in Los Angeles. We've been booking more shows, and have been making some fantastic friends. We've acquired a manager (WE LOVE WILL), and he is sunshine for May Stands Still. We have some shows coming up in Long Beach and Los Angeles, and we're very excited to see you!

This coming Sunday, the 13th of February, we are playing at Room 5 for an open mic jam session. March brings many different shows, including one at a coffee house in Long Beach and the INDIE MUSIC FESTIVAL on March 12th.

Come hang with us this Sunday because we love you! We know you want to meet Will, AND you can check out our new merch--we have...drum roll please....WINE GLASSES with MAY STANDS STILL WRITTEN ON THEM! Holler.

Aaaand PEACE.

January 17

Happy Martin Luther King's Day! I'm happy to say, thank you to the King, I have today off from work! And, thanks to him for changing the world and bringing on equality and bettering humankind and stuff too...

ANYWAYS, it's kind of crazy that we're already halfway through January. As I said in our last blog, my goodness, time flies. The weather in Los Angeles is more reminiscent of spring, as the rain has stopped for a little to let the sun shine through. From my backyard (I'm not brave enough to wear shorts anywhere else right now, haha), I'm happy to report that our January shows are just around the corner!

A week from this coming Wednesday, we play at the Libertine in West Hollywood. The show starts at 8, and it's going to be a good evening!! On January 30th, we're going to be at the Public House in Temecula for a 3 hour window of fun. Come have dinner and a glass of wine--there will be music and good company. Nothing's better!

If any of you got the chance to check out NAMM, Wes and I were there (Wes was most of the weekend), and we both got to play. I sang into a super sweet microphone (Lampifier.com) to help promote it's sweetness, and Wes performed on one of the stages. What a crazy, friggin overwhelming, AMAZING time! If you didn't get a chance to go this year, definitely check it out next year if you can. It's worth the trip!

Over and out. Emily May Stands Still

January 9

Happy friggin' New Year, peeps! Wow time flies--it's hard to believe we have come to the end of a very eventful, very exciting year. We met each other about a year ago and decided to form the band May Stands Still, released an EP, signed a publishing deal with Brainrot Productions, moved to LA, and scored our first residency with The Public House in Temecula. We will play there the last Sunday of every month, and couldn't be more excited. It's worth the 2 hour commute, TRUST me!!

This year has been so exciting and we want you to know how much we appreciate everything you've done for us. You've been a part of everything we've accomplished, and it wouldn't have mattered without you. Thank you for being our dear friends and fans. Here's to another GREAT year!!

We're starting out January at NAMM in Anaheim next weekend, and then it's on to the Libertine in Hollywood on January 26th at 8 pm. There is no cover, and lots of great music. That bar is fantastic in general so you must come! For all of our friends in the inland empire, we will be at Public House January 30th at 6 pm. Can't WAIT to see you!

Happy New Year to everyone, and we wish you the best in luck and love and health!!

With love,


December 13

Happy Holidays, everyone! May Stands Still started out this month sending out a FREE download through the mailing list called "Soldier." We feel that everyone should be with loved ones over the holidays, and we can't imagine how supremely difficult it must be to be overseas, at war, on Christmas. We would like for our troops to know we are thinking of all of you this holiday season, and our monthly single "Soldier" was written in your honor. Our hearts are with all of you!

Websites like www.nvf.org are great ways to support our troops and veterans--every tiny bit counts, especially at this time of year. So friends, let's do our part!

We wish the BEST to you all, and we love you big!! Enjoy your holidays and your people and the eggnog (it's really too bad that's a seasonal beverage). If you'd like to be added to the mailing list, it isn't too late. Just drop us a line and let us know! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

November 27th

It's been a while since we've blogged...HEY! What's up! Long time no talk! We are so fortunate to have the ability to pursue what we want from life--we feel great thanks to you for being interested and liking our music!! Thanksgiving is a good time to reflect on what we're truly happy about. We tend to focus on the negative, and miss all of the blessings that are present in our lives. So Happy Thanksgiving! We're thankful for you!

We all know times are hard for a lot of people in the U.S., and there are a lot of stresses that can easily take hold of our minds and distract us from what we love about living. The holidays are hard financially, but let's not forget the point of it all--to be with those we love and appreciate them. We're all alive, ya? May Stands Still is really happy about that. And corny sometimes, but, ya know. :)

We have a few shows in December--we hope to see you all there, and bring your friggin love ones! Use a peaceful concert as an excuse to spend time with them. May Stands Still is good at the peaceful concert stuff. We'll even sing Holiday songs.

We love you guys! See you in December!

November 9

This is an exciting week for MSS! The much anticipated Buddy Walk is coming up this SUNDAY. It's been a big deal in our house (one of the coordinators for the walk/ the music director for the event live with me), so we're PUMPED. It's one of, if not THE, biggest events for the Down Syndrome Association of Los Angeles. If you're feeling the itch to support a GREAT cause, come join us on Sunday! May Stands Still will be playing at 11:45.

We've also recently started utilizing our mailing list (I know, right? WOOT!). If you sign up, you will get a monthly newsletter update on the band, as well as a FREE DOWNLOAD. Every month! The songs are new ones that Emily has written after the CD's debut in July, so YOU will be the first to hear them.

After the Buddy Walk, Emily will be making her way across the country to Denver for the next week. All you Coloradans, stay tuned for possible acoustic shows in your area!

Have a fantastic week, everyone!!

October 31

Happy Halloween, everyone! May Stands Still has had a couple of quiet weeks, but we're getting back on track with a few shows in November. We've started to really utilize our mailing list--if you aren't on it yet, join up, yo! We'll be sending out a monthly newsletter, complete with a free download each month. Don't pass up this opportunity--it's a BIG ONE.

Our next show is this coming Friday at the Pig 'N Whistle (yes, you read correctly. That is really the name, I know, it's amazing). We go on at 9:30, and we canNOT wait to see all of you there! It's been too long--we miss you.

May Stands Still will also be performing at the Buddy Walk coming up on November 14th. It's a great cause and we're so excited to be a part of it! We hope to see all of you there--it's a Sunday, and we'll play at 11:45 in the AM, making it possibly the earliest show we've ever done. Neat fact, but irrelevant. ANYWAYS. We miss you guys and can't wait to see you Friday! Have a safe Halloween and an incredibly exciting week. PEACE OUT.

October 17

So May Stands Still has gotten their feet wet in the LA scene. We played at Bar Lubitsch (SWEET venue--if you ever get a chance to go, take your friends because it's super cool and you'll look cool for taking them somewhere so cool. COOL). For serious--if you want to play there, be sure to book it on your own and NOT through sketchy promoters. Just don't do it. We're looking out for you, you're welcome.

Genghis Cohen was really cool too! A nice place to take the fam for some delish din. You can see a little acoustic music if you pay to get into the secret room built like a church with pews and such. But it's a nice room, and everyone (even 3 year old children) are welcome!

ANYWAYS, thanks to everyone who came to see us play! We have a couple of shows coming up in Novembertime, so be sure to check back if you'll be in the LA area. We'll be venturing south to Public House in Temecula later that month, so all of you Inland Empire folk, come and hang out!

May Stands Still hearts you for checking in! We will see you soon...