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Splash ft Cure for Paranoia - How it came together $

I picked this beat out in 2017 thru a close freind of mine, JayT aka Jay Analog. After helping him finish his studio up with top of the line equipment we got to work on Splash. I gave him a Concept, which was Splash in the sense of making an Impact, making people remember your name like the impact of a hurricane starting with a Splash!! I also provided the harmonies that I wanted on the song & they came up with what is now the hook sang by Stan in a Dallas group by the name of Cure for Paranoia. I started seeing my Vision come alive in front of me. After some rearranging and rewriting I was completely confident we had a hit on our hands! I reccomend JayT highly to anyone in search of a Industry Sound, Recording, Mixing & Production!

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