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The Suicide Man Concept Album

Saoshyant's original incarnation, with Jeff Newsom on bass and Brodie Liberato on drums, played a number of songs that you won't find on Reverbnation now. This is largely because I've been writing a number of new songs as part of a concept album and the old songs don't fit with the new material. For those of you that miss songs like Babylon or Gravity, I may put them back up at some point in the future. And The Schizophrenic, the 10-minute monstrosity the old Saoshyant frequently closed their live sets with, is actually track 4 of the concept album, (now in its full 12-minute glory).

So what is the concept, you ask?

Well, that's complicated. And I don't particularly want to give the whole thing away just yet.

What I do want to share is an aspect of the writing for the concept album that I'm particularly proud of; the number pi. Specifically, to the first four decimal places (3.1415) but once, at least, in a longer form (3.141592654). The number is portrayed all throughout the album in one way or another, in about every different way that I could come up with. The song "The Suicide Man" features pi more prominently than any other and even has sections that portray the number in several ways at once. For some of these, only musicians listening carefully (or learning the melodies on guitar) are likely to catch them, but others are more obvious. Keep an ear out!