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Sixth Album Release

Our 6th album, 'Forgotten Songs' is available now from https://mouth4rusty.bandcamp.com/album/forgotten-songs

The bulk of these songs hail from 2010 and were written between our second and third albums (‘Good Men Now’ and ‘Fire, Mice and Other People’).

The opening track was written and recorded in 2009. A lot of the songs I wrote that year ended up on our first or second album, but this neither fit with the largely solo set of ‘Lemon Cake and Dirt Weed’ or the string section feel of ‘Good Men Now’. ‘Take the Queen’ contains two of the three overdubs I added while mixing this collection: the organ and handclaps.

The other recent overdub was the lead vocal to ‘Small Recordings’ as I’d not recorded one at the time (although I had laid down the harmony voice). The rest of the songs are as they were when the recordings were put to one side and eventually forgotten.

It occurred to me while writing this that for most of these songs the voice and guitar were recorded separately, which isn’t usually the way M4R songs are made. I was quite purist about my basic tracks being a performance at that point (I mostly still am), and I think that’s the biggest reason these songs didn’t see the light of day at the time.

‘Humans’ is the exception to that here, and follows the usual method of recording the lead vocal and guitar simultaneously. It was written while recording arrangements for our 5th album, ‘Must Take More Care’ and would probably have been considered for our forthcoming 7th album (‘Forgotten Songs’ being our 6th), but by the time we were rehearsing new songs, a year had passed and ‘Humans’ had been lost in the pile.

‘Crouch End Instrumental’ was recorded around the same time, one of those happy little things that pops up when mics are set up and instruments are around.

Sarah Glayzer, our cellist from 2010-2011, sings 2nd harmony on ‘Oh The Hell’. The other female voice on the album is obviously Emma Davis, my bandmate since 2010.

Emma and I have recently finished recording our next album of new songs which I’ll start mixing when my ears are ready for it. It was written for a duo to perform without overdubs and probably best reflects us in our occasional live setting.

Lastly I’d like to thank Emily Wasp for letting her banjo live with me for several years, I miss having it around and hope it still gets played regularly.

I hope you enjoy the album, I think it’s a nice way to let these recordings see the light of day.

Matt, Mouth 4 Rusty

Fifth Album Release

Our 5th album, 'Must Take More Care' which sees us joined by ten of our friends is out now on our own Ochiltree Music micro-label. You can hear it here.. https://mouth4rusty.bandcamp.com/album/must-take-more-care

Free Download

Grab your free download of our re-recording of 'Good Men Now' here.. https://mouth4rusty.bandcamp.com/track/good-men-now-2013 ..thanks for all your support, M4R continues to be a beautiful thing for both of us x.

4th Album Launch Party

After much delay and an album lost and then found again with help from beloved supporters and friends, Mouth 4 Rusty finally return to a the Minesweeper in Greenwich for the release of their fourth album, 'What's Getting Somewhere?'

With a live set from the band, plus support from Karen Barnes (aka The Armed909), stories from Rob Bidder, and maybe a few other magical surprises.

8pm, free entry

A short walk from Cutty Sark DLR or Greenwich BR station.

Look forward to seeing you, and thanks for everything x.


Fire, Mice and Other People LP

http://mouth4rusty.bandcamp.com/album/fire-mice-and-other-people Our third album was released today. Free for the listening, just a fiver to download. Enjoy.

Good Men Now LP - Download

http://mouth4rusty.bandcamp.com/album/good-men-now - You can download our brand new second album on bandcamp for just £4 or listen online for free. Enjoy!

Never Records Recording (Free Download)

Last week we recorded 'A Letter Home' as a duo live in the studio for Never Records. An art project by Ted Riederer, it's essentially a mock-up record shop that he's been touring with (New York, LA, Derry, Liverpool, and currently London). All the records there are one-offs, he records acts in the back, cuts two copies on vinyl, one for the artist and one to keep in the shop, which acts as a library, people can come in and listen to whatever record they like. You can download an MP3 of ours, recorded straight from the vinyl record, here..



Time Over Money EP

We'll be sending our first EP, 'Time Over Money', into the world on 26th March.

Recorded using only real reverberant spaces (a barn, a project space/gallery and a room with walls of wooden doors) and mastered by the wonderful Boston-based mastering engineer Scott Craggs, it comes in a 100% recycled sleeve with a hand-printed cover made using vegetable-based inks.

You can preview the recordings on our player and if you don't want a hard copy, the tracks are already available to buy in our reverbnation store.

Much love, M4R x.