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All About Charla

Charla Corn’s childhood was filled with farmers with their farms, cowboys with their cattle and singers with their songs. She hears music in the relentless westerly wind that blows through the streets of her hometown of Farwell, Texas, high up on the plains. Armed with an arresting voice, firecracker wit, stunning beauty and irrepressible tenacity she has become one of her home state’s most captivating personalities. Charla chased her dreams east for a time, landing in Nashville where she began honing her craft of songwriting and performing but she knew Tennessee wasn’t home and before long she had planted her roots firmly into the oil-rich north Texas soil of Fort Worth. Her road has been winding since she embarked on her journey shortly after college leading her to be cast on numerous television shows and acting as a correspondent for Country Music Television. But though her talent as an on-air personality is unquestionable her talent for songwriting and laying-waste to slack-jawed crowds is immutable. West Texas, Nashville, Fort Worth… Charla’s home is on stage. In the wake of the release of her acclaimed debut album, “More Than I Should”, which has heralded a warm reception from Texas and Red-Dirt radio, Charla has toured with her band, The Trainwrecks, opening for some of the region’s most successful acts and filling clubs on their own from town to town throughout Texas and the South. You can find her on the dial at 95.9 fm out of Fort Worth where she hosts her nightly interactive radio show, TMI (Texas Music Interactive, also available on the web at 959theranch.com). Drawing on her west Texas roots, Charla recently became the first artist to partner with the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, becoming a spokesperson for the sport that she grew up watching and loving and finding new fans of her own every night. Charla sums it up: “I have no idea how or when this ends. I don’t want to know, but it’s gonna be a hell of a ride…”