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Summer Shows

Dysfunctional Mariachi is filling up summer shows 2016 in support of the latest full length album entitled "308". Also listen to the album at www.reverbnation.com/dysfunctionalmariachi


http://tunein.com/radio/College-Underground-Radio-s134910/ http://www.collegeundergroundradio.com/ and Itunes.apple Radio and Jango Radio all playing #Dysfunctional #Mariachi ..check it out

College Underground Radio

Our song"JULIUS" can be heard (Sunday through Friday): 1:30am- 3:00am 8:30am -10:00am 6:00pm - 7:30pm http://www.collegeundergroundradio.com/

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“#308” Dysfunctional Mariachi has been working on new songs to complete their long awaited album. Every song on this album is truly Dysfunctional Mariachi style. Each song brings a new flavor of blues, Latin rhythms, alternative rock and some amazing acoustics.

We want to thank you for listening to our music over the past year. This 2015 year has been an amazing experience for us. Through high times and the low times, they have managed to search within themselves and create tunes that have not been heard before but are as recognizable as Dysfunctional Mariachi.

All Dysfunctional Mariachi Music can be heard throughout the internet. Some of the well known sites like:

Dysfunctional Mariachi Radio Station on Jango Radio ITunes, Amazon, Face Book, Twitter, You Tube, Sound Cloud, Spotify, Rdio, Tune core, Reverbnation, CdBaby, Musiclout, Sonic Bids, Indie On The Move, and many more retailers and websites.

Mid September 2015 Dysfunctional Mariachi will be back in the recording studios laying down three more new awesome songs that compliment their recent direction of their music.

Beginning of October 2015 DM will be doing another photo shoot with Ray Harris Photography and will be working on some new music videos to go with their recent releases to be on You Tube.

Mid October 2015, DM will be laying down 3-4 more new songs to finish up their complete Album “#308”.

October 24th 2015, you can catch a few of their live performances at Penny Road Pub in Barrington, IL. When they perform for a benefit trying to raise awareness for a worthy cause.

This Album “#308”will be the best compilation of all their music and sultry tones. By spring of 2016 they will be ready to release their Album during their on the road weekend tours!

More great information about the band is located at their website.. www.jojomusicmanager.com or at www.reverbnation.com/dysfunctionalmariachi

Music avail at ITUNES and AMAZON and a hundred other places… check them out. Stay tuned for more! Remember to friend them on Face Book and Twitter! “#308”is coming soon! Thanks for staying with us and loving our music. We appreciate all the support and acknowledgement!


Still here, writing and recording a lot of new material. Can't wait to share it with you all. Stay tuned, DM Natives!