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17th January 2013 22:05

Sup fam,

It's been a while since I've been on this but I've been trying my best to keep up with the music thing. Since the beginning of 2012 I've been busy with the Military so it's been one thing or the other keeping me away from my Beat Machine.

But I'm sure my most loyal followers will be happy to know i'm back and trying to get back on the saddle again. I want to give a shout out to Brian K from Seattle WA for giving me the motivation for getting back to this. Sometimes you just need that good ole' fashioned tough love to get your beastly ass back on the keys.

I've released a new beat in 2013, 1 so far but peep it, it's called "Phased", really an experiment for me trying to make something work without a sine lead. It's conception was just me coming home from a long ass day and picking up my laptop and finding this old ass beat skeleton I added some FX and embellishments to; again peep it.


I want to ask some of you reading this why in the f*** you listen to my beats?! I'm not that good lol but I appreciate the love that has been given to me and all the support from my close friends.

2013 is the year I finally take that next step in terms of music. Maybe finally sell a beat to someone who will blow me up lol.

What kind of beat would you like me to make?

What do you guys want to hear?

I've been putting out beats at around 3x the speed I usually do. It has a lot to do with all the new tools I bought. But I wanna hear from you; what kind of instrumental would you guys like me to make? Throw some ideas out there and i'll do my best to satisfy your wishes....

New Stuff For This Month

I just copped myself a new drum sampler which led me to the sad and terrible decision of dropping my NI Battery. Don't get me wrong Battery was great but this new sampler has a lot more going on for it. Expect a lot of new stuff dropping more frequently for the next couple of months before I jet off to Miami. This new sampler has made things a lot easier while allowing me to create complex rhythms. If you have a specific request for a beat's rights, inquire at johnnyboysuperman@gmail.com, and if you need a customized beat the same thing applies.

STAY UP FAM! -Johnny E