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The hand is doing well!

Just a quick update - the bandages are off and the hand feels great! Picked up the guitar almost immediately and I've been able to play a little bit more each day. Heading out for rehearsal in a few minutes - there's a whole bunch of new songs coming your way. Another update: Jeff & Elaine are pleased to be working with the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council hosting the monthly "Live! On the Deck" open mic. Usually the second Tuesday of each month, January's event was pushed forward due to scheduling conflicts, so you haven't missed it! Come join us on January 24th with featured artist Chesea Yarrow Gould. Performers should arrive at 7:00 to sign up, with the show starting at 7:30. Come out and join in either as a performer or audience member. See you soon!

Elaine's bionic wrist(s)

Elaine here - thought I'd try my hand (pun intended!) at writing a blog, to give you a post-surgery update. In case you don't know, I had carpal tunnel release surgery on my right hand on Dec 29th and I am anxiously awaiting removal of the bandages TOMORROW! I had the same surgery on my left wrist a year ago and have had no problems since. I am really looking forward to having two healthy hands going into 2012. I felt improvement immediately after surgery, even before the swelling went down. No numbness whatsoever - it will be great to actually feel my fingers while playing my guitar, something that's been missing at times this year! Jeff & I look forward to getting back in action - keep Saturday, February 4th open. That will be our grand return, at Rockn' Joe (our home away from home). By the way, we want to thank everyone who was a part of our holiday benefit show in December. Thanks to Dave Terra-Nova and his wonderful staff at Rockn' Joe, and all you crazy and generous people who took time out of the busy holiday rush to spend an evening of fun with us. We collected a whole bunch of gifts and cash donations for local charity Passionworks Inc., - thanks again for caring about those less fortunate than us in the true spirit of the holiday season. Jeff's been busy posting some things from our last show (the night before surgery) so give a listen to satisy your "Jeff & Elaine" cravings until we're back live! We'll keep you updated, and hope to see you on February 4th (if not before).

Jeff & Elaine's Cambridge Inn Showcase 4/20/11

Okay! Get out your pens and paper and take note: Jeff & Elaine are back, with a string of dates, and a pocketful of new songs! Things kick off tomorrow night (Wednesday April 20th) at the Cambridge Inn in Spotswood. This a GREAT open mic, smoothly run by Tony and Suzanne Pileggi. J&E will be performing the hour-long showcase at 7:30PM, rolling out a couple of the newbies, as well as some of our better known tunes, followed by a bevy of talented folks starting at 8:30. Come on down and play a few! Next date to remember? Saturday May 7th...RockN Joe Bistro, in Point Pleasant, kicking off at 7:30PM. This is another fantastic place to relax and listen to some great music, as well as enjoy some great food and coffee. And you NEVER know who might be dropping in and joining us! The following week, J&E will be making their Green Planet (Point Pleasant) debut on Friday May 13th! This will be another fun one! We have many other dates to announce, so check back regularly or join our fan list and receive regular updates and invites...we hope to see you SOON! :o)

Albert Music Hall Tonight!

OK...I know it's a bit of a trek for some of J&E's fans, but Albert Music Hall hosts some of the most interesting and fun Saturday night events! And what could be more fun than watching these chameleons slip into some folk & country skins?? Come on out, if you can...otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for some new dates and fresh recordings as the Jeff & Elaine...'Over And Over' Tour rolls on!

Gettin' In Gear!

Well...we promised that once Elaine had her Magical Guitar Claw repaired, we'd be back...and so... here we are! Many ideas, mash-ups, melodies, and hats coming your way...2011 is going to be a LOT of fun! The show at RockN Joe Bistro kicked things off this past Saturday,the 12th (MANY thanks to everyone who came out and lent me their shoes or offered me their cake....you know who you are!) Next came the opportunity to do a set at the new Asbury Blues club on Bangs Ave. in Asbury Park (thanks to Ronnie Brandt, the P.T. Barnum of the Jersey Shore music scene!)Next up, we're on deck at The Cambridge Inn in Spotswood Wednesday evening (Feb. 16th)for an hour-long Showcase Performance, beginning at 7:30PM,courtesy of Tony & Suzanne Pileggi (Two nicer people you've never met!) We've got a GREAT and varied set list together, and we both SEEM to be in good health (knock wood!) Afterwards, there's an open mic...so bring your instruments and voices and join the party. Friday, we'll be entertaining at a private party, but Saturday night (Feb. 19th) we're on our way, once again, to Waretown and the Albert Music Hall for another exciting evening with many other talented musicians. If you've got EZ Pass, head on down with us! We're currently in the midst of booking more dates, and we'll post 'em when we know 'em. Hoping to see you out one of these nights....Jeff & Elaine P.S. Keep your eyes (and ears) on the Reverbnation Player...new live performances will be added soon! We'd love to hear what you think.....

an update from Elaine

Here's hoping everyone made it through the holidays and snow safe & sound. I figure an update is in order, just in case you've wondered "why haven't I heard anything from Jeff & Elaine?" I have been recovering from carpal tunnel syndrome surgery on my left hand, performed on December 30th. The worst part of the recovery process was not being able to touch my guitar until this week - it has been torture! I am happy to report that I am feeling much better now, and have been playing a little bit more each day this week (probably more than I should, but no ill effects). It will still be a bit before my hand strength is 100% but it is great to be able to play & actually feel my fingers (my hand was going completely numb at times). Jeff & Elaine hope to be back in action within the next few weeks - our next scheduled show is Feb 19th at Albert Music Hall, but don't be surprised if you see us out & about before that. Please check out our ReverbNation or Facebook band pages for new dates - I won't be back to work until the end of the month, so guess what I'll be doing? New dates, new songs, new old songs... Looking forward to seeing you guys soon...."it won't be long - yeah - yeah - yeah - yeah!" Elaine

Saturday Nov. 13th 2010...RockN Joe!

Howdy folks! Jeff & Elaine, along with percussionist Andy Nagy are back again at RockN Joe Bistro for another great evening of new and old pop classics, re-worked J&E style! Mix in singer/songwriter Nate Starkweather, and you've got an eclectic (almost) electric night of music. If you're in the area, you REALLY should stop by. It's a great venue, the food is awesome, and the atmosphere warm and relaxing. See you tomorrow night! :o) P.S. Got a few more dates before the year comes to a close, so stay close....

New Songs and Holiday Plans!

Good Evening (or morning, depending on where in the world you are!) Just checking in. We've posted a few new live songs that have been highlighted in recent shows, including "Dark Side of the Dawn" by singer/songwriter Sharif. Elaine's a big fan and turned me on to his work, and now, I'm a fan too. We've also included Matchbox Twenty's "Unwell"...one of my favorites that we've just started to doing again. And then there's"Mercenary." When we taped that one last month, we were both a little under the weather, and it does show a bit. But we like the rawness of it, so we posted it. Now, a much healthier version is up. Let us know what you think! Of course, with our new percussionist Andy Nagy on board, we are going to be revisiting most of these songs again soon...so new versions may get mixed in. We're still plotting and planning some studio tracks...probably in 2063 at the rate we're going! NOW....we've got a Showcase coming up at the Cambridge Inn in Spotswood on Wednesday Dec. 15th at 7:30PM. Lainie and I have decided to throw some new and obscure holiday tunes in the mix. Should be just enough to get you in the Festive mood! And we will be back at RockN Joe Bistro in Point Pleasant on Saturday Nov. 13th at 7:00PM. I'll posting any new dates as they come in....If you haven't become a fan yet, do! That way, you won't have to miss a single thing! Cheers to all! J&E

New Round of Thanks!

Howdy! Just dropping by to say a real quick thanks for all of the support at our recent gigs. Thursday night at McLoones in Pier Village, with Rob Dye, was a blast! Our first time backed by a 'band'...an interesting set with a totally expanded sound. Might be fun exploring THAT side in the future! And Saturday at RockN Joe Bistro in Pt. Pleasant was yet ANOTHER fun time with our new addition, Mr.Andy Nagy on percussion. Coming up this week, you can find Jeff & Elaine at the Atlantic Highlands Arts Council Open Mic on Tuesday Oct. 12th (Julias Restaurant on First Avenue)where talented Tony Pileggi will be the featured artist, and at the Cambridge Inn in Spotswood on Wednesday Oct. 13th (THIS one's always a great time HOSTED by Tony Pileggi!) We're working on some new dates, and setting up some possible recording time, as well, so....Autumn will be a busy time...hope to see you around! Cheers! J&E

First Saturday Asbury Park!

Yes, it's that time again...First Saturday Asbury Park! Elaine and I have been participating in this monthly event for the past six months, and we've had a great time doing it! The corner of Cookman and Bangs Avenue (in front of Robert LeGere Home & Design) has become a home away from home for us, and that's where you'll find us this Saturday night (Oct. 2nd) from 7-10:00PM...running through our favorites (and hopefully yours TOO!) We even have a special musical guest with us, Andy Nagy accompanying us on percussion. What a talented guy! And maybe a few of our other musical friends will drop in and join us. You never know... But...Yes, we're working a corner in Asbury...it's come down to that...come join us! ALSO...check out our latest 'Live' posting...our take on the Go Go's classic 1984 hit "Mercenary." Our first time out with it...along with some arthritis and a nasty cold...but I kinda like the sound of it...so there it is...let us know what you think! have a GREAT weekend, and we hope to see you in it! J&E