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Del P Six 1 FO Records Update...

What we Bloggin’ bout?

DEL P aka Mr. Six 1 FO has earned his Associates of Arts in Business Management – Entrepreneurship Specialization from Columbus State Community College back in Winter Quarter (before the shift to Semesters) and am still waiting for my diploma to still be mailed out to me. So in the meantime I am finishing up my last two quarters at Columbus State (wrapping up my Math’s and Sciences.

May 3, 2012: – Wussup World and my online world? Hope life is treating yall right. It’s your boy Del P aka Mr. Six 1 FO in case you are new to this and for those that don’t already know. I had to have every body fall back and get back to the basics of business in order to make you bare witness to the Six 1 FO Records LLC VISION. We are not your traditional Rap or Hip Hop Label. Six 1 FO Records LLC main genres of music are: Pop/Hip Hop/ R&B/ Indie Rap/ Alternative Indie Rock/ and Spiritual. I am not quick to say Gospel because I personally feel that certain and music/songs are grouped under Gospel, which does not belong. I say Spiritual since some songs we produce speak to a person’s Spiritual side. At Six 1 FO Records we try and drop truth bombs on yall unsuspectingly so when you go back and listen to the lyrics you will begin to pick up on what is being shared.

I decided to type this blog for yall while I’m waiting to see what’s good with the sprained ankle so Del P can get back to the physical nature of the music game. After the doctors it’s off to the A. Fresh Productions Studio to see my 1st and the Labels 1st Official High Definition Music Video titled: “I’m A Star” by Del P. The original version was on my 1st Album, which has been distributed World Wide whether you like it or not. The song discusses a variety of topics – telling yall why “I’m A Star”. A. Fresh Productions (A. Fresh) – We shot it with our green screen and let the massive software programs and Andrew Noltemeyer’s genius finish it up. So stay tuned for my next blog post…

Six 1 Fo da Community - Six 1 Fo Every 1 Six 1 Fo Eva & Always

What is Del P's Type of Woman or Women, lol???

I have to say my range of women I like is wide and expands the Globe, Honestly. So I have had a lil thing for the likes of Tina Fey, witty n funny for sure, so on that note, Sarah Palin too. Certain Video Vixens who shall remain nameless, ummmm Lil Miss. Rihanna. Lindsay Lohan (I don't even know why) I need not to mess w/ any more Krazy Chicks for sure, but those SEX eyes get me, it's that I'm gonna Swallow u UP Whole LooK. I dig my tall leggy women , my short n stout chicks, long hair to short hair styles, plain janes to freaky Emo Thangs. Tats & No Tats.

New Album Release Online ExClusive

FREE MUSIC DOWNLOADS---It's Del P giving you the exclusive songs and previews search Del P on Napster, Last FM, iTunes, Rhapsody, and damn near any other online distributor you will find Del P's Life Lessons Learned Album by Six 1 FO Records. Also Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com/del.perry614 and join our mailing list at www.six1forecords.com

Del P is Mr. $ix 1 Fo for those dat don't know...

Del P. has been involved in many wheelings & dealings within Ohio's State boundaries. The reason he has taken on the Mr. $ix 1 Fo Name/Brand is b/c he can travel any where across the double "O" & be good w/ everyone for the most part. All beef is deceased. Del said "They call me neutral in da hood, ya know, for those involved in certain activities know that neutral is an excellent place to be. So Buckeye City you can come out to any $ix 1 Fo Event & know that the only bound to pop off is a Great Time for all. $ix 1 FoEva & Always, Del P. aka Mr. $ix 1 Fo