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Winter/Spring 2013

LTL is planning on a number of live shows this spring, so keep your eyes on our page, and listen often! We always appreciate your support here on Reverbnation and on our other sites.....much love to all of our fans! Shawn & company

Summer 2010

As the summer continues there have not been any new developments with LTL...I have been moonlighting as a lead guitarist in another project with my former bandmates, which has been keeping me busy, and is a great excuse to get out and play to keep things sharp for me. I am looking forward to the eventual formation/reformation and return of LouderThanLove, and at the moment I am writing new music for LTL solely, and coming up with finishing touches for the eventual second album. No eta of course! I hope to come storming back with the right lineup when the time is right! Stay tuned, and I'll see you all soon enough! Peace, Shawn


LouderThanLove are entering a new chapter as they approach their 5 year anniversary this summer, and even though two of the founding members have moved on, singer/songwriter Shawn Hicks remains committed to continuing the legacy of LTL. He is currently writing and creating further music to complete the necessary pieces of the follow up to the debut album, and is planning to begin recording as soon as possible, and when most affordable of course! Hopefully a few advance tracks will be released before the general album release, so keep an eye out for that. If you are among the many who have seen LTL live, then, you already know most of the new songs that are going to appear on the second album, as we played alot of them for you, to test them out! The target date for the first new track release is May 1, 2010, and then hopefully another within a month or so. Based on finances, the new album will be ready for release by years end, or shortly before. Live shows are on hold for the moment, as the band continues to search for the perfect fit to replace original bassist Jeff Bliven, and drummer Keith Bliven, who departed early 2009 to form a new project. LouderThanLove is not planning on going away, so stay tuned, and keep on listening, and rocking! Peace, Shawn~LTL