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11.22.2008 - Santa Clara - CA

Panel Discussion Venue: Santa Clara University Address: 500 El Camino Real Santa Clara, California 95053 Price: N/A Time: 4:00 pm Omeid International presents... A Panel Discussion with Immortal Technique and Imam Zaid Shakir, others TBA

11.23.08 - Seattle - WA

Venue: Neumo's Address: 925 East Pike St. Seattle, WA 98122 Doors/Show: TBA All Ages Price: $18 Adv/ $20 DOS W/ Da Circle, Hasan Salaam

11.24.08 - Portland - OR

Venue: Roseland Theatre Address: 8 NW 6th Ave Portland, OR 97209 Doors/Show: 7:00/8:30 pm All Ages Price: $18 Adv/ $20 DOS W/ Da Circle, Hasan Salaam

11.29.08 - Philadelphia - PA

Venue: 941 Theater Address 941 N. Front St., Philadelphia, PA 19123 Doors/Show: 8:30/9:30 pm Price: $12.00 DOS W/ Diabolic, Da Circle, Reef the Lost Cauze

12.6.08 - Boston - MA

Venue: Middle East Address: 472 Massachusetts Avenue Cambridge, MA 02139 Doors/Show: 8:00/9:45 PM Ages: 18+ Price: $20 GA w/Diabolic, Poison Pen, & Akir

12.16.08 – New York City NY

Venue: S.O.B.'s Address: 204 Varick Street (Corner of West Houston) Doors/Show: 8PM/10PM Show Ages: 18+ Price: $10 adv !!!!! w/Poison Pen, Akir, Spark Flame, & others (If you can get these tickets ahead of time I would at $10 each this show is going to be crazy to get in.)

West Coast & East Coast Shows (Plus Omeid Afghanistan Fundraiser)

Over these past few years I have dedicated myself to many causes, those of the freethinking and truth loving Revolutionary nature. I am among those of us that support the persecuted immigrant community, the students of history and the warriors of an unrelenting struggle to ensure the rights of the people within their government. The difficult times and the callous criticism of my work is always easy to shun when I know what I really stand for, and that I and those around me serve a righteous cause. I never needed anyone's acknowledgment or permission to be who I am and do what I do. There were those when I began to move towards this direction in life who tried to dissuade me saying that I would not make millions off of rap. I can understand why they would say this but I ignored them and pressed on. And one day soon I hope to look upon the war-torn landscape of Afghanistan standing among the children that you and I as my supporters both helped to create a new life for with this center, who we aided in giving a fighting chance in this world that gives no quarter to the pious or the unknowing and innocent. That will make me the richest man in the world.

As I am a man of my word and I complete my promises. Early next year/semester the winners of the Essay contest will receive their prize money and a letter from me personally for their hard work, the police state chronicles will wrap up the editing and the Green Light projects will have completed its first mission.

I have been working hard along with Omeid International to coordinate the trip to Afghanistan and to work on the fundraiser that is coming up on the 20th of November in San Francisco. They are a dedicated group and I am glad to have such good company for my work and our achievements. I pledged on June 24th that I would donate $10,000 of my own money and do a big fundraising event to ensure that this caused received the full attention of the media (that focuses on mostly negative aspects of Hip Hop) and the people who support such a noble cause.

My people this was not brought to you by some corporate sponsor, nor was it manufactured by some organization that takes 60% of the $ donated for "administrative" purposes. I am not a millionaire, I am not a movie star or a charity organization. I am just a man that heard the call and responded. I am a part of this culture of Hip Hop and it was underground Hip Hop with the help of people like yourselves that made this possible. If you actually own one of the over 50,000 copies of "The 3rd World" (just past the marker in the last couple of weeks) then you will be happy to know that a part of that money made all of this possible.

Thank you for your continued support.

Que Viva La Revolucion,

Immortal Technique

HERE ARE THE UPCOMING SHOWS I HAVE THAT I PROMISED I WOULD POST, Boston, Philly and Back home to New York City for a special discounted show…

11.18.08 - Riverside - CA

Venue: UC Riverside / Commons Ballroom Address: 900 University Ave – Commons 302 Riverside, CA 92521 Doors/Show: 7:15 / 8 pm All Ages Price: $12 W/ Da Circle, Hasan Salaam, Chino XL

11.20.2008 - San Francisco - CA

OMEID INTERNATIONAL FUNDRAISER Venue: DNA Lounge Address: 375 Eleventh St San Francisco, California Doors/Show: 8:30pm All Ages Price: $19 adv/ $22 DOS W/ Da Circle, Hasan=2 0Salaam, Chino XL

(Buy tickets early this show is expected to sell out before the day of the show.)


11.21.08 - Berkeley

Venue: UC Berkeley Campus Address: Main Courtyard Berkeley, CA 94720 Doors/Show: TBA All Ages Price: Limited Engagement W/ Da Circle, Hasan S alaam, Chino XL



I mentioned it earlier how sometimes during the solace of a Revolutionary life and the great responsibility of working with community organizations, gangs, prisoners, parolees, soldiers, and youth in general I write all that I see. I write constantly. That is how "The 3rd World" came around, in the middle of working on The Middle Passage and Revolutionary Vol.3 I couldn't help but script the way I saw the world. The result is one of most anticipated underground albums/mixtapes Dj Green Lantern and myself. But before I go on tour or get into the promotion of this album I wanted to give back to those that dream, those that write their heart, those that speak to their joy, pain, hope, sorrow and perseverance through their writing.

To all counselors, school teachers, teacher's aids I ask that you please FWD this to all your students. Repost as much as you can!


Win $1500 by Writing a 2 to 3 page Essay!

In an effort to promote and sustain the writing and critical thinking skills of the younger generations, underground rapper and revolutionary, Immortal Technique, is inviting high school students to write essays about their perceptions and/or experiences in regards to the United States' relations to the third world in general, or a third world country/countries in particular. The essays must be original work and must be limited to 500-750 words. Immortal Technique will read the essays and choose the top three.

Too often students are bogged down with necessary after school jobs and do not have the free time needed to cultivate their writing and analytical thinking skills. Recognizing that these skills are crucial, Immortal Technique would like to award the writers of the top three essays with money meant to allow them more free time to reflect on the state of the world and to develop their writing skills. The essay contest is meant to demonstrate to the youth that their writing and critical thinking skills can generate an income for them and their families.

Prizes: 1st Prize- $1,500 2nd Prize- $1,000 3rd Prize- $500

Eligibility: This contest is open to high school students nationwide enrolled in grades nine through twelve. Seniors graduating May-June of 2008 are still welcomed to submit an essay.

Requirements: -Must be between 500-750 words. (2 -3 pages) -Only one submission per student. -Submissions will be admitted until July 8, 2008. -Essay must be the original work of the student. -Essay must be about U.S. relations to a third-world country or countries. -Please make sure you include a cover letter with your submission. -Your essay should be double-spaced whether type-written or neatly hand-written.


To submit your essay by mail, please staple a cover page to the front of your essay. The cover page should include your name, address, phone number, the name of your school, and grade level. Then mail the essay to:

Viper Records 230 Mott St. NY, NY 10012 (c/o The 3rd World Writing Contest)

To submit your essay by e-mail, please include two separate attachments: 1) the actual essay and 2) a cover page that includes your name, address, phone number, the name of your school, and your grade level. Send both attachments in the same e-mail to:



* NOTE: Submitted essay entries will not be returned, so please make a copy of your entry if you would like to keep a copy of your work.

I look forward to reading these entries, and regardless of the outcome I hope that all those that submit an entry can continue to work with, I think if it is successful we will do it every year.

Con Amor de Revolucion,

Immortal Technique

PS. Never lose hope. All is not lost. The fight has just begun again.

superchargered  (over 8 years ago)

Where do we submit our essays?


Besides shows, I will also be appearing at several record stores over the course of the nest few days. If you are in the area and want to meet, network, get a poster or a flyer signed. Politic quickly, then please stop by these stores. The dates and times are confirmed. MANY MORE DAYS ARE COMING !!!! Respect, Immortal Technique

6/23/08 - 11:30PM Fat Beats NY NY www.fatbeats.com

6/26/08 - 6:00 PM Cop Shop Smithtown, NY www.thecopshop.com

6/27/08 - 6:00 PM UGHH Store Boston, MA www.ughh.com

6/28/08 - 2:00 PM DJ Hut DC www.djhut.com

6/28/08 - 7:00 PM Sound Garden Baltimore, MD

7/22/08 - 2:00 PM Fifth Element Minneapolis, MN www.fifthelement.com

7/25/08 - 4:00 PM Reflections Emporium Springfield MA