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New Material

Man, there are fewer things more gratifying than getting new songs in the can! We're in the throes of finalizing tracks for "The Red Wine Diaries" and I'm already looking forward to the new songs. We demoed five of them this past weekend and I actually went back and jotted down some lines for a couple of more. Don't stop me now!

In other news, I'm pulling together some gigs in and around the southland (LA, SD) for later this spring into the summer. All of this is pointing to a pending trip to Nashville this summer...

That's it for now. See you up the road.



August, and beyond...

Headed back into the studio this weekend for clean-up vocal tracks for "The Red Wine Diaries". Pretty stoked about that. My producer, Justine K, is a legend and continues to amaze and give excellent direction. She sings and plays bass, as well as produces--a trifecta! And the inimitable R.E. King is slated to shred like a madman on his wicked Strat! Can't wait to see what he comes up with!

There's a Christmas song being finalized for late autumn, called "This Christmas". I actually penned this one more than a year ago and we recorded a couple of versions of it before scrapping it and starting over. I'm glad we did because this final version is wonderful. I can't wait to get it out there!

AND did I mention new material? It's been a while for me (a long while...) since I had time to actually sit down and write a new song but there I was this past Sunday knocking it out. I'm gonna noodle on it some more but for the most part I think the rust is coming off! Watch out, world!

That's it for now. Keep in touch, look for upcoming gigs and keep your ears tuned (I've got a handful of songs released and in rotation here and there), and we'll see each other up the road.



New Songs

So I'm stoked for a couple of reasons, not the least of which is a renewed contract with Not Dead Yet Records. Very exciting stuff!

But also--the two new songs: "Some" and "Sailing Stones". I'm not sure where these will fall in the scheme of the forthcoming full-length, which now being called The Red Wine Diaries. We'll see; we've got plenty of material from which to choose, and then there's the Mariposa Street project (details of which are also forthcoming; either way you'll hear it here!).

So, a lot to look forward to--and a lot of work to do!



Summer Recording

So we've been and out of the studio these past several weeks laying down tracks for the forthcoming songs "Bayou Love Call" and "Tail Lights in the Dark". We'll be laying down the drum tracks and getting a solid vocal before the end of the month. The ongoing goal, of course, is the full-length CD, "West Coast Hearts", which is slated to be released on Not Dead Yet Records label in December. A lot of work to be done before then, though. Keep in touch here, and keep it real!

"Mansions Above" Released for Download

Not Dead Yet Records released my latest single "Mansions Above" for download via CDBaby; we'll be getting it out elsewhere in the coming days but in the meantime, get yourself some! http://www.cdbaby.com/m/cd/morgan22

And lemme know your thoughts.



NEW Christmas Single - Set to Release

So, we're getting stoked to release "This Christmas" as a single on Not Dead Yet Records. I'm back in the studio this weekend to wrap up some tweaks on it, as well as lay down some tracks for a couple of new songs to appear on the full-length. Otherwise, looking to get book some gigs in late December through the spring. Keep an eye out for more details.

I trust everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving, survived Black Friday, and are now getting into the spirit of the season. It's one of my favorite times of the year in that L.A. gets kinda quiet--a rarity. (I think the only other totally day it's as quiet is the Oscars!) But I'm getting busy and am looking forward to 2012. How about you?



Mobile App, Recording, R.E.M., Gigs etc

Hey Folks--

Thanks to all who've downloaded the Morgan App, which is now available on iPhones, iPads, and Droids. Very excited to keep the content moving forward!

That said, we were in the studio this past weekend laying down tracks for a couple of forthcoming songs. "True Hearts", an upbeat tune you can totally dance to will join the other new song, "Bayou Love Call", a more reflective tome. I'm proud of both and look forward to having them appear alongside Not Dead Yet Records' release West Coast Hearts.

I was saddened to hear R.E.M. took a final curtain today. What a career! I was an early fan and still have them in the rotation on my iPod. I saw them in Worcester, MA back in the late 80s. Totally bitched-out. Great stuff.

Speaking of gigs, I'm working on lining up a few in L.A. and beyond, so keep an ear out. I love getting out there and meeting folks. Hey, Nashville and Austin--you listening?!

Alright--keep in touch, and see you up the road.




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