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To make a great band or make great music..??

SpliT LiD origninated in AZ in 2003 and recorded their first EP in 2004 those songs carried this band for 5 yrs to SLC where original members Chad and Marco regrouped with Travis and Duane which brought SpliT LiD to an all time high in 2011 where the band went threw a lineup change later to find a new drummer and now in June of 2012 we are finallyback on track for a Killer yr...New material has already been in the works and we are primed for the studio...Hoping for a late 2012 release and new concert dates...See ya soon.

Back in the studio..!

New Drummer on board and workin hard to get the ball rollin again....! Wish us Luck 2012

In the works

So in the upcomming months you will see lots of us on stage, pictures, show dates, recording sessions... it's all comming. stay in touch with us and let's push right through it