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Upward and Onward with K 2 The Power

Life works in mysterious ways sometimes....

I never thought that id ever answer the question "what do you do for a job?" with "oh I'm a professional full-time musician!". Almost all of the pragmatic career advice given to me on my journey into the adult world ran contrary to dreams of being a musician, a singer-songwriter. It wasn't until I rekindled a years old friendship that i gained renewed belief in the skills i had been pursuing for over half my lifetime.

Last year on the 4th of April 2014, I walked out of 9 to 5 employment forever and into the world of live music, pub gigs, weddings, funerals, corporate parties, Open Mic Nights and fantasy, at least it seemed like that to me after being tied up in the same nowhere to go job for 7 years in the IT sector.

The journey for me this past year has been a hard and anxious slog at times, at others an illuminating candle in an otherwise dark abyss, and during all of it has been empowering and fulfilling. I have traded the life of a comfortable, regular and predictable wage for the ever evolving sometimes fanciful world of live music performance, and its all I do now for an income!

I have always written music, from the first time i remember doing it at age 5, to the last song i penned only two weeks ago at writing this blog entry. To me, each song when it comes has been at first like an inspired slap in the face, a yank on the rod beginning an idea that grows into the song, sometimes immediately fully formed, and other times needing husbandry to mature.

For those of you who have read previous blog entries, or who have followed me on Reverbnation for the past 4 years, I say to you all, a massive thank you! All of you contributed to my faith in music and songwriting during a period of uncertainty in my abilities and an uncertainty in music, because you listened to my music, gave feedback, encouraged me to continue, I now feel that I have found a certain direction for the remainder of my existence. I feel purpose!

It is no mean feat to remind another person of their self worth, their talents and their dreams.! Karl Austin is the man who jump-started my dreams out of a long coma and stagnation. I am immensely thankful to him for his role in reminding me that my first love and mistress is music. So my readers, I would like you to welcome Karl to the band as i have.

Together in our new Cosmic Folk duo, Karl Austin and Kieran Callaghan make K 2 The Power!,

Over the past year we have driven widely around the countryside following the call of music, playing at country craft festivals, community center openings, KFC PR Bus trips, Weddings, Cheese rolling days, music festivals and Gypsy Fairs, street parties and Birthday parties. I'ts been a great ride, a new band couldn't have felt more love from the people.

Our dream is a little different. We are to make music and share it, teach with it, and perform with it, not for the purpose of fame .... but for music sake, the universal language and portal to the soul. Together as room-mates on the road we will be living the life of Gypsy troubadours travelling our country and others in a house bus, forging relationships and fun with our music!

I cant think of anything better to do for the rest of my life and I invite you to join us along the journey. Whilst on the road we will be creating a radio show among other creative things, learning to build instruments, and bringing music to people all over the place.

I look forward to the possibilities and the friends we will make!

-- Kieran 19/07/2015


If you havent already check out my website, please do. I have spent a fair amount of time and effort building it from scratch over the past few months and it would be great to see some use from the family of friends who follow me =) Cheers Guys.


2012 Update

New Plymouth Operatic -- The Producers

Well I thought it might be good if I included a brief update on what I've been doing on a creative level recently.

I have been a member of the New Plymouth Operatic Society since 1999, I have previous performed in at least 4 of their productions including Les Miserables, Oliver, Cats and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dream-coat.

This time around i was lucky enough to be a part of the on-stage company for the Mel Brookes production of "The Producers", which also has a movie, released in 2005.

For those of you who have seen the movie, you will already appreciate the masterful satirical writing of Brookes and his playful but evocative characters. I played the role of one of Rodger de Bris "Gay Team" as Kevin the very gay costume designer. Stepping outside my comfort zone for the first time as an actor who had never camped it before on stage. ITS WAS IMMENSE FUN!

People who meet me recently relish the chance to tell me just how good i looked playing a gay man's role, to which i can only laugh and give them a small taste of the limp wristed action. I'm really looking forward to the next two instalments up at Operatic, which will be 2013 Hairspray, and 2014 The Phantom of the Opera.

Local Music at Decanta Tapas Bar

Over the past few months i have become involved with the Decanta Open Mic Night at one of our local Tapas bars in town. Every Thursday from 8pm until late, local performers come together to showcase their music in a friendly casual environment full of other like minded people. Not just originals are acceptable, heaps of lovely covers are played and in fact add to the atmosphere a great deal. I love some of the music ive hear played recently, greats like the Beatles, Hendrix, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, the list keeps going.

Nikki Wadeson is currently running the show, so if you want to come along and sing or play too then look her up on facebook https://www.facebook.com/nik.wadeson

Solo EP due for launch

So those of you who have followed my progress into music over the past few years will have seen me talking about launching a solo EP. Well i haven't forgotten i promise! This December i plan to have the disc ready for sale just in time for X-Mas. So if you want to pre-order one from me, send me an email. The discs are going to be $20 each to help cover the cost of production and printing.

They say Music is the Window to the Soul

Ive been involved with music almost as long as i can remember. Its been a big part of what has made me, me. My friends and family all know that i sing, write music and play instruments Like the Guitar, Flute and Piano. But for so long my own talent has been a stranger to me. I'm not sure why but for so long i didn't want to have anything to do with my own love of music, i pushed it away from me instead of developing and enjoying it.

NO MORE!! i have promised myself that i am going to set a long term goal to release an EP. I have the songs and the necessary support from my family so im going for it.

Nothing is going to stop me from doing this, and im so glad now that ive found that direction for my music i never had before. Keep an eye out for updates. Ill be endeavoring to play more publicly and get myself out there and recognized.