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Scarlet Fade - Fix the Pieces (Radio Remix)

Hey All! Check this out! Our song "Fix the Pieces (Radio Remix)" is #17 on the Christian Rock Radio Billboard!!! http://radioymusica.com/rrwebsite20/members/Charts.aspx?ChartId=22

Show your support by calling into your local radio station and requesting "Fix the Pieces"! Thanks for the love and support! Scarlet Fade

2 Shows and a Contest!!!!

Hey you all! We have some stuff to inform you on!! We have entered a contest! Its the Ernie Ball battle of the Bands for a chance to get into the Warped Tour! Here are the instructions to vote: 1. go to this website: http://www.battleofthebands.com 2. then click “REGISTER” on the red bar 3. Once you get to the register page click on ”I am a fan” and fill out the information. Now you are registered and you should get a confirmation email on both email addresses 4. When you confirm your page, go to your profile page 5. On your profile page on the top red bar, click “Browse” 6. Then, in the Genre spot scroll down to pop, in the venue spot scroll to Uniondale, NY , then in the sort spot scroll to Newest 7. Once you get our profile click vote for this band. you can only do it once a day So get crack-a-lackin on that votin! Also!! We wanted to tell you all about the shows we have this weekend! They are going to be so much fun! One is acoustic and the other electric-here are all the things you need to know: March, 12 2010 08:00 PM – The Mill Cafe , Millbury, Massachusetts - March, 13 2010 07:30 PM – Wintenbury Coffee House- acoustic , Bloomfield, Connecticut - Hope you all can come!!!!! Peace, Scarlet Fade