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Hey y'all...this is the inaugural blog entry from Steve. Do we need a blog? Probably not but what the hell? GFY has been making ground doing what we do. We had a successful turn out at The Sunset in Ballard on 7/10/10 and from all accounts we rocked that place. We're looking at another possible booking there this winter. This coming Saturday (7/24) we're doing a benefit concert for breasteses, or more specifically, The Susan G. Komen foundation. Check here for more info if you're interested in attending: http://www.markpalazzo.com/lalapalazzo.html We hope to add some new material to the sets soon. We're looking at adding some new tunes from Soundgarden, Led Zeppelin, and Journey and potentially another Def Leppard jam. I'm looking forward to hashing through some of this new stuff tomorrow night at rehearsal. Rehearsal is good. It's been a busy summer and practices have been few and far between but we've also found that after extended breaks the jams come together tightly. Still, practice is essential. We're hoping to also start working on some original material to add to the mix. I'm going to try to scale back the bookings to one a month which should allow more creativity time. I'm excited for what comes next. Constant improvement is my goal....Thanks to the fans for their encouragement and support....